Must Buy Games in September 2017

Prepare yourself for a month filled with great new game releases. I hope you have been saving your money up as there are going to be more games in this list than in previous months and I’m pretty certain you will agree that most of these are genuinely ‘must buy’ games. Here is my selection for September (don’t say I didn’t warn you!). Continue reading “Must Buy Games in September 2017”


Bulb Boy Review

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PC, Mobile

As a relatively new Switch owner, I am starting to understand the difficulty in finding a large selection of games to play. I love Splatoon 2 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe but I have a craving for an indie game to sink my teeth into. With an array of indie games on the store, each with varying perceived qualityI decided the indie game I would take the risk on was Bulb Boy, a horror, puzzle, point and click adventure game. Would Bulb Boy fill a void in my Nintendo Switch games collection? Continue reading “Bulb Boy Review”

Does The Xbox Conference From Gamescom Spark A Revival?

Having been an Xbox owner for many years, I am willing Microsoft to do well with their Xbox One X launch. The console was the focal point of Microsoft’s conference during Gamescom 2017 and it may have felt underwhelming to me in many ways, it appears that Microsoft are doing something right as the console is generating some buzz in the gaming community. Since pre-order went live yesterday, the Xbox One X console has sold out on Amazon, GAME, Gamestop and more retailers worldwide. Is this a revival for the Xbox brand in the current gen console war? Continue reading “Does The Xbox Conference From Gamescom Spark A Revival?”

Gamescom 2017: What To Expect

Gamescom may not be considered as big as E3, especially when it comes to video game announcements, but this year there has been very little in the way of rumours. In fact, there are no rumours but we do have a good idea of what we will get updates about. With PlayStation not holding a conference at Gamescom 2017, opting to focus on their Paris Games Week event and PSX in December, it will be up to Xbox and Nintendo to lead the way with their updates. Continue reading “Gamescom 2017: What To Expect”

We Happy Few Full Release Announced For April 2018

We Happy Few launched in early access almost 2 years ago and we met with a warm reception from players. Despite the obvious need for improvement, much like any game that is released in early access, it was a game that had a promising concept reminiscent of the Bioshock series. The game centres around a dystopian 1960s England which appears like a wonderland thanks to the fact all residents are force fed happy pills . The premise is that as you start to see the world around you for what it really is then survival is your ultimate goal. Now that Compulsion Games is partnering with Gearbox we are due to see a much bigger version of this game when it launches on Xbox One, PS4 and PC on 13th April 2018. Continue reading “We Happy Few Full Release Announced For April 2018”