FIFA 18 Review

Platforms: Xbox One, PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch
(Reviewed on Nintendo Switch)

FIFA 18 landed just a couple of weeks ago and whilst he dust may still be settling for many it is proving to be popular with many having soared to the top of the charts in many places. Whilst typically I would play this game on either Xbox One or PS4, this year I decided I would try out the game on Nintendo Switch. Despite there being some obvious differences between this Switch version and the other versions, there was an appeal about being able to play anywhere that really connected with me. But have EA scored a stunner this year? Continue reading “FIFA 18 Review”


Will Console Cross Play Ever Happen?

Let’s face it, if we could play games with our friends regardless of the console we own then this would be a dream come true. Whilst there is usually always one clear winner in the console war it could never be considered a bad thing opening up cross play on console, at least from a customer point of view. Some of us may have even had a taste of this cross play between PS4 and Xbox One; something many of us believed would never happen! Too bad this was short lived but begs the question, will cross play across all consoles ever exist? Continue reading “Will Console Cross Play Ever Happen?”

FIFA 18 Demo Launches Today

It’s that time of year when FIFA game fans start to get excited for the next big FIFA game. FIFA 18 is due to release at the end of the month and all fans also know that a demo usually surfaces two weeks before launch. Well, this year is no different which means the FIFA demo will launch today! Time to dive in and check out what’s new. Continue reading “FIFA 18 Demo Launches Today”

New Nintendo Direct Airs On Wednesday

Update 15/09/2017: In case you missed the event, Nintendo shared a lot of details about upcoming games for Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch. You can now catch up with the latest Nintendo Direct in their latest Youtube video:

Continue reading “New Nintendo Direct Airs On Wednesday”

Monthly Free Games in September 2017

Game recommendations followed by news of the monthly free games on console! September really is picking up pace with some good free games available to anyone who just so happened to miss the games at the beginning of this console generation. If you cannot afford some of the cracking new games releasing this month then you may still find something for free. Let’s jump in with the first game! Continue reading “Monthly Free Games in September 2017”