Top 6 E3 2018 Moments

All the E3 conferences and presentations are done and now that the dust has settled, I have taken some time to reflect and put together a list of my top 6 moments. Let’s face it, there have been some good announcements but all things considered, this E3 has not been of the same standard as previous years or maybe I just had my expectations set way too high for E3 2018. That said, I am still excited for some of the games coming across all platforms so let’s get to it! First up… Continue reading “Top 6 E3 2018 Moments”


Nintendo E3 2018: Rumours and Predictions

This is the big one for me. Nintendo have recaptured my attention with their Nintendo Switch console and they look set to build on their recent momentum by focusing on Switch titles releasing in 2018 for their E3 showcase. There is a lot of potential for Nintendo this year but it is worth grounding any expectations. There’s a lot of games we should probably expect and only a couple of wildcards to consider but if it all comes together nicely then Nintendo could end the year very nicely. Make sure to tune into their presentation on 12th June, 9am PT/12PM ET/5pm BST. Continue reading “Nintendo E3 2018: Rumours and Predictions”

Xbox E3 2018: Rumours and Predictions

Xbox have dubbed their E3 2018 to be their biggest and best E3 for quite some time. That’s a big, bold statement for a company that has been lagging behind in this console generation. Albeit, Microsoft have done a lot to keep the Xbox brand going and still have a dedicated audience awaiting to hear what surprise they have in store for their fans. Not much is known at this stage and there are plenty of rumours flying around. So let’s speculate ahead of Microsoft’s conference on 10th June, 1pm PT/4PM ET/9pm BST! Continue reading “Xbox E3 2018: Rumours and Predictions”

PlayStation E3 2018: Rumours and Predictions

E3 is upon us, the industry conferences are mere days away now so there is no better time to start talking about the rumours surrounding each platform and getting hyped for the future announcements! We are kicking things off with PlayStation whose conference is scheduled for 11th June, 6 PM PT/9 PM ET/2 AM BST. The current console leaders have some games already confirmed but there is potential for them to reveal something out of left field and surprise everyone! Continue reading “PlayStation E3 2018: Rumours and Predictions”

5 Pokemon Games Are Coming To Nintendo Switch

When I was much younger I was obsessed with Pokemon. Since getting older, I had seemingly lost all interest in Pokemon until the release of Pokemon Go. The mobile game rekindled my interest in the brand, so much so that when they announced a Pokemon game was coming to Switch I was genuinely excited. That was almost a year ago that Game Freak shared this information and now it looks like they have announced 5 Pokemon games including the core RPG Pokemon Switch game previously mentioned at Nintendo’s E3 Spotloght video in 2017. Well, sort of. Continue reading “5 Pokemon Games Are Coming To Nintendo Switch”

Runner 3 Review

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PC

Runner 3 very much follows on from its predecessor, Runner 2. Gone are the 8-bit graphics from the original game BIT.TRIP Runner and though that change may be seen as an aesthetic preference for some, you cannot deny how beautiful Runner 3 looks. If you played any of the Runner games then you know what you are in store for in this rhythm music platformer. Constant running from left to dodging obstacles, kicking down barriers and collecting gold bars! But hiding under the familiar first impressions are a host of new additions to the series that propel the game from challenging platformer to something else entirely. Continue reading “Runner 3 Review”

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