E3 Predictions for Xbox

xbox e3

I have been an Xbox fan for quite some time and although the brand has seen much hardship in the latest console war, it is fair to say that Microsoft’s gaming platform is poised to potentially steal the show at E3. The Xbox One is not a bad piece of kit but with Project Scorpio around the corner then will Xbox be able to take on PlayStation’s dominance and Nintendo’s resurgence in the market. One thing is for sure, they need more than just Project Scorpio to revitalise their former gaming audience that have now defected to PlayStation! Check out their conference on 11th June at 10pm BST, 2pm PST. Continue reading “E3 Predictions for Xbox”

Pokken Tournament Is Coming To Switch

Nintendo shares were on the rise again ahead of today’s Pokemon Direct update. Many will feel the updates themselves were underwhelming but there are some strong positives to take away from the briefing and something not just for 3DS players but also for Nintendo Switch players. These updates come a few days before Nintendo Spotlight at this year’s E3 so expect more big news to come! Continue reading “Pokken Tournament Is Coming To Switch”

Nintendo Switch: Premium Online Service Including Classic Game Selection

I have been happily sat on the fence about the Nintendo Switch for quite a few months since it’s launch in March of this year. One thing holding me back was information about their online service and the other was just more confidence in the console itself with more AAA games and support from third parties. Most of this has been answered or at least, enough for me to take the plunge. So what information do we now know about the Switch that should make you question why you haven’t bought one yet? Continue reading “Nintendo Switch: Premium Online Service Including Classic Game Selection”

Monthly Free Games in June 2017

As another month of free games approaches, I have decided to make a small change to this monthly post. Considering it has been over 10 years last the previous generation of consoles launched, I will now be excluding all games that are only available on an older gen console. Now, onto the line-up for this month’s monthly free games! There are some good choices across both platforms this month so don’t miss some of these great games! Continue reading “Monthly Free Games in June 2017”

Video Game Addiction: Enthusiasm Or Affliction

video game addiction

I have been playing video games from a young age with gaming consoles apparent throughout much of my childhood. In fact, the only time where video games were not a part of my life was during University where money was a major factor in my temporary divorce from playing games. Despite this ‘break’, my adult life has always involved games to a greater or lesser extent, even to a point where people may even describe my affinity to gaming as an addiction. Maybe working in the industry has fuelled that but nearly all long-term gamers will have probably have been told something similar for wildly different reasons. With relatively little scientific evidence to suggest this addiction is as severe as a drug addiction, it is something that can have a detrimental impact on your life. Here I take a deeper look into video game addiction and share my thoughts. Continue reading “Video Game Addiction: Enthusiasm Or Affliction”