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Please support other gaming enthusiasts by following them on their various social pages. The people below have helped me massively so make sure you check them out:


Martin’s Games


Martin’s Games plays a wide selection of games ranging from retro games including Crash Bandicoot to more recent games such as Destiny 2. I also appear on a couple of his videos too so you lucky folk get the best of both!



As an official affiliate of the VGAlmanac I can honestly say there are some great people involved with this project with some awesome content available via the website. Make sure to check it out (click the image above) and follow them on their social channels to keep tabs on the gaming community!




Chazzyvee is a seriously positive streamers and plays a wide range of games on his channel. He always interacts with his fans which makes him a joy to watch! His dedication is infectious so jump on Chazzy train now!


All the imagery and artwork for my social pages has been created by independent graphic designer; David Mudzongo.

If you are a fan of my logos and artwork then get in contact with David to find out about his competitive rates:

Check out his other graphics on his site:


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