New Games Added To Xbox Game Pass In March

Xbox have not done a great deal to gauge my interest in the past few months. The Xbox One X was a great idea but I have deemed it too expensive to warrant upgrading on my current hardware, especially considering I would also need to upgrade my TV to get the full benefit. That said, I have been quietly curious about a few games for the Xbox platform and it looks like some of them are now being added to their Xbox Game Pass service this month!
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Xbox Games Pass Adds Exclusive Xbox Titles At Launch

Xbox have not been known for their exclusive titles in recent history. In fact, outside of the consistent yearly Gears of War, Halo and Forza titles there is not much outside of that to shake your hat at. However, more recently the signs suggest we will get more exclusives from Xbox and some that look more interesting that the run of the mill we have come to expect. So what better for Microsoft to do that start including them in their Netflix style gaming service, Xbox Games Pass. Continue reading “Xbox Games Pass Adds Exclusive Xbox Titles At Launch”

Will Cross Platform Games Ever Become The Norm?

Let’s face it, if we could play games with our friends regardless of the console we own then this would be a dream come true. Whilst there is usually always one clear winner in the console war it could never be considered a bad thing opening up cross play on console, at least from a customer point of view. Some of us may have even had a taste of this cross platform play between PS4 and Xbox One; something many of us believed would never happen! Too bad this was short lived but begs the question, will cross platform games ever become the norm? Continue reading “Will Cross Platform Games Ever Become The Norm?”

Does The Xbox Conference From Gamescom Spark A Revival?

Having been an Xbox owner for many years, I am willing Microsoft to do well with their Xbox One X launch. The console was the focal point of Microsoft’s conference during Gamescom 2017 and it may have felt underwhelming to me in many ways, it appears that Microsoft are doing something right as the console is generating some buzz in the gaming community. Since pre-order went live yesterday, the Xbox One X console has sold out on Amazon, GAME, Gamestop and more retailers worldwide. Is this a revival for the Xbox brand in the current gen console war? Continue reading “Does The Xbox Conference From Gamescom Spark A Revival?”

Crackdown 3 Delayed Until Spring 2018

Having never been a huge fan of the Crackdown series, it may surprise to see my writing about a delay for Crackdown 3. Well, my reasons are twofold. Firstly, Crackdown 3 does look like a genuinely enjoyable game and secondly, since this was one of the few console exclusive for the Xbox One X, it could have played a part in my decision to purchase the next Xbox console at launch. To hear this has now been delayed is not just a disappointment to those gamers who wanted to play the game but brings into question how successful the initial launch of the Xbox One X will be! Continue reading “Crackdown 3 Delayed Until Spring 2018”

Can the Xbox One X Thrive In The Console Market?

Whilst Microsoft have been lauding the benefits of their new Xbox One X, I have been sitting back trying to formulate my opinion of the console. Most people who watched their E3 conference will have said it was disappointing despite more games being shown than ever before. Something just doesn’t quite sit right about this new console and that is coming from someone who was very much in the Xbox camp in the previous console generation. Will Microsoft be able to convince millions to come back to Xbox? Continue reading “Can the Xbox One X Thrive In The Console Market?”

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