E3 Predictions for Xbox

xbox e3

I have been an Xbox fan for quite some time and although the brand has seen much hardship in the latest console war, it is fair to say that Microsoft’s gaming platform is poised to potentially steal the show at E3. The Xbox One is not a bad piece of kit but with Project Scorpio around the corner then will Xbox be able to take on PlayStation’s dominance and Nintendo’s resurgence in the market. One thing is for sure, they need more than just Project Scorpio to revitalise their former gaming audience that have now defected to PlayStation! Check out their conference on 11th June at 10pm BST, 2pm PST. Continue reading “E3 Predictions for Xbox”

Scalebound Cancelled by Microsoft


If the idea of Scalebound coming to console was whetting the appetite then prepare to be disappointed. Microsoft have revealed that they have cancelled production of the Xbox exclusive and has even begun to remove all of the videos containing the game from their Youtube channel. In fact, they are removing all affiliation with the game as even Major Nelson is removing any videos that show Scalebound in relation to Microsoft. Continue reading “Scalebound Cancelled by Microsoft”

Xbox Special Deals for the Games Awards 2016

To celebrate the Video Games Awards Xbox have launched a sale for many of the nominated titles. Black Friday may have just ended and the yearly Christmas sale may be just round the corner but there are some awesome deals in here that just can’t wait! Don’t miss out, check these games out now before the sale ends on 4th December! Continue reading “Xbox Special Deals for the Games Awards 2016”

Xbox Summer Sale Begins

Today is the first day of the Xbox Summer sale and that usually means there are a few bargains you can download directly to your Xbox One or Xbox 360 console. There will be over 250 deals across the Xbox marketplace until the 11th July. See the full list of games below: Continue reading “Xbox Summer Sale Begins”

Hawken Launches on Xbox One

Platforms: Xbox One, Playstation 4

Everyone loves a freebie and Xbox One gamers will be able to bag a free to play game in the form of Hawken from today. For those who have never heard of this title, Hawken is a mech-based first-person shooter with similarities to Titanfall. The game play might be similar to it’s mech-brother but Hawken has been dubbed as a game that requires more skill to master. There may be a steep learning curve for new players but you will reap the rewards for putting the hours into this game. Continue reading “Hawken Launches on Xbox One”