Xbox Ultimate Game Sale is Live until 30th July

Everyone loves some money off of their game purchases and Xbox players will be able to save a pretty penny with some of the deals in Microsoft’s yearly Ultimate Game sale. Bag a bargain and save up to 65% on more than 700 Xbox games and if you’re an Xbox Live Gold member then you can save an additional 10%. It’s not just games that you can save on either as there are also discounts on 3 month memberships for both Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass. You have until 30th July on these deals so take a look and if any take your fancy then be quick. Continue reading “Xbox Ultimate Game Sale is Live until 30th July”


Sea Of Thieves: Cursed Sails Will Launch on 31st July

Whilst my first impression of Sea Of Thieves was not great, I continue to look out for how the game develops as I still believe the game has great potential. With updates planned through the rest of 2018 to go alongside the previous patches and the Hungering Deep update from a couple of months back then there is still time for Rare to change my mind on this game. Cursed Sails is the next update that could cause me to re-review the game and is due to release on 31st July but what can players expect from this latest update? Continue reading “Sea Of Thieves: Cursed Sails Will Launch on 31st July”

Sunset Overdrive 2 Leaked By Amazon Italy

The Xbox platform has a severe lacking of console exclusives, this has been made painfully clear by the gaming community and now Xbox are looking to fix that by acquiring 5 new studios, as revealed at E3 this year. Despite their plans to reinvigorate their console exclusive games, I have always wondered why they didn’t go gung ho into another Sunset Overdrive. Sure, the game didn’t sell as well as expected but it has proved its worth since joining the Xbox Game Pass service. Well, it looks like there might be a sequel in the Pipeline if you believe Amazon Italy! Continue reading “Sunset Overdrive 2 Leaked By Amazon Italy”

Xbox E3 2018: Rumours and Predictions

Xbox have dubbed their E3 2018 to be their biggest and best E3 for quite some time. That’s a big, bold statement for a company that has been lagging behind in this console generation. Albeit, Microsoft have done a lot to keep the Xbox brand going and still have a dedicated audience awaiting to hear what surprise they have in store for their fans. Not much is known at this stage and there are plenty of rumours flying around. So let’s speculate ahead of Microsoft’s conference on 10th June, 1pm PT/4PM ET/9pm BST! Continue reading “Xbox E3 2018: Rumours and Predictions”

Does Xbox Really Need More Exclusives?

Much has been made of Microsoft’s successes in the current console marketplace. Xbox One is currently in second place with PlayStation taking a huge lead in terms of quantity of consoles sold worldwide. Many gamers have stated the lack of high quality Xbox One exclusive to be the problem but Xbox One sales and number of Xbox Live users has reached record numbers so is the outlook really that bad? Will a host of new exclusive close the gap? Continue reading “Does Xbox Really Need More Exclusives?”

New Games Added To Xbox Game Pass In March

Xbox have not done a great deal to gauge my interest in the past few months. The Xbox One X was a great idea but I have deemed it too expensive to warrant upgrading on my current hardware, especially considering I would also need to upgrade my TV to get the full benefit. That said, I have been quietly curious about a few games for the Xbox platform and it looks like some of them are now being added to their Xbox Game Pass service this month!
Continue reading “New Games Added To Xbox Game Pass In March”

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