Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Review

Platforms: Nintendo Switch

I was a late comer to the Nintendo Switch but after pre-ordering the console in May 2017, I instantly started looking forward to what else was coming. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 stood out to me from Nintendo’s E3 presentation last year with huge open worlds to explore and lots of anime styled action and story to delve into! Essentially, it is your standard JRPG. After getting the game in December last year, it has taken approx. 3 months to complete the game and I have needed the past week to digest my thoughts. Here is  my verdict on Xenoblade Chronicles 2! Continue reading “Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Review”


Super Mario Odyssey Review

Platforms: Nintendo Switch

Having spent weeks away from scrawling my thoughts about video games I have returned to share my opinions about one of the biggest game releases of 2017. Super Mario Odyssey was a hugely anticipated title for the Nintendo Switch and was the straw that broke the camel’s back for many people who were still deciding to buy the latest Nintendo console. Whilst the principle of this Mario game did not falter (save Princess Peach from Bowser) the game introduced some new concepts coupled with the traditional open world platforming that many fans have missed since the days of Super Mario Galaxy or Super Mario Sunshine. Surely, this would be a recipe for success? Continue reading “Super Mario Odyssey Review”

Pokken Tournament DX Review

Platforms: Nintendo Switch

Currently I am going between a handful of games and one of those is Pokken Tournament DX on my Nintendo Switch. Having been a big Pokemon fan when I was younger, at least up until approx. Gen 3 was introduced, I was unsure if this game would still resonate with me. I questioned if my lack of knowledge of more recent Pokemon would put me at a disadvantage but I have found my experience with this game to be surprising, if only after a little dedication. Continue reading “Pokken Tournament DX Review”

FIFA 18 Review

Platforms: Xbox One, PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch
(Reviewed on Nintendo Switch)

FIFA 18 landed just a couple of weeks ago and whilst he dust may still be settling for many it is proving to be popular with many having soared to the top of the charts in many places. Whilst typically I would play this game on either Xbox One or PS4, this year I decided I would try out the game on Nintendo Switch. Despite there being some obvious differences between this Switch version and the other versions, there was an appeal about being able to play FIFA anywhere that really connected with me. But have EA scored a stunner this year? Continue reading “FIFA 18 Review”

Bulb Boy Review

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PC, Mobile

As a relatively new Switch owner, I am starting to understand the difficulty in finding a large selection of games to play. I love Splatoon 2 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe but I have a craving for an indie game to sink my teeth into. With an array of indie games on the store, each with varying perceived qualityI decided the indie game I would take the risk on was Bulb Boy, a horror, puzzle, point and click adventure game. Would Bulb Boy fill a void in my Nintendo Switch games collection? Continue reading “Bulb Boy Review”

Splatoon 2 Review

Platforms: Nintendo Switch

Despite being able to buy a Switch console earlier, I waited for the Splatoon 2 bundle before making the dive into Nintendo’s latest console. Having already played the game at the MCM Comic Con event in London earlier this year, I knew this was a must-have game for the Switch. Now that I have had chance to play the full experience I can honestly say that impulsive, first reaction has not been proved wrong as Splatoon 2 has taken over much of my time playing games! Continue reading “Splatoon 2 Review”


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