Wipeout Omega Collection Review

wipeout omega collection review

Platforms: PS4

Remasters are not usually something that get me excited but the Wipeout series was far enough into the ‘classics’ category to make it an interesting proposition. Having not played too much Wipeout as a child, but having played enough to remember how much fun it could be, I was primed and ready to be proven wrong with my possibly cynical opinion of remastered games. Who doesn’t want to maneuverer around wild and futuristic tracks in a hovering spacecraft whilst trying to attack enemy vehicles and stay in one piece! The best thing is there are 3 games in 1 here so you can enjoy Wipeout 2048, Wipeout HD and Wipeout Fury. Continue reading “Wipeout Omega Collection Review”

Little Nightmares Review

Little Nightmares

Platforms: Xbox One, PS4, PC

The first time I ever saw any footage of Bandai Namco’s gruesome puzzle-platformer, Little Nightmares, was at the Golden Joysticks 2016. The trailer appeared on a big screen and from that point I have been following the development of this game very closely. Sharing a similar dark theme to INSIDE and Limbo, games which I enjoyed a lot, it was easy to draw those comparisons and assume the game would deliver the same experience. In actual fact, comparing Little Nightmares to those games would be doing it a disservice, not necessarily because it is a better game but because it delivers an additional experience that was not as obvious in the Playdead’s titles.

Continue reading “Little Nightmares Review”

Astroneer Review

Platforms: Xbox One, PC

Only recently have I truly started to enjoy exploration based survival games but when I first heard about Astroneer, it sounded like a game worthy of investing some hours into. The game is in pre-alpha still after releasing in December 2016 and it has developed nicely since it launched with bug fixes and some additional content. What is underlying here though it that the game is thoroughly enjoyable for anyone who has a wonderment with exploring space and the great beyond! But is this the games only appeal? Continue reading “Astroneer Review”

Nintendo Switch: First Impressions

nintendo switch

I have managed to get some game time in with the Nintendo Switch this past week since it launched and although the console feels refreshing there are still question marks over how much this console will really change the gaming landscape. Many people believe Nintendo’s console will revolutionise the way we play games or be a catalyst to changes in the gaming world to move to a more dynamic, handheld solution. These are not thoughts that I share and there are some clear reasons why. Continue reading “Nintendo Switch: First Impressions”

Forza Horizon 3 Review

forza horizon 3

Platforms: Xbox One, Windows PC

Somehow, I managed to build up a games backlog so big that even the most dedicated gamer would have struggled to play through all the games on their list. Thankfully, I have made progress on my backlog of games and after completing quite a few titles, only one has lived long in the memory; Forza Horizon 3! The Forza Horizon games have always been my favourite racing games and the 3rd game in the series has delivered another great racing experience. Continue reading “Forza Horizon 3 Review”