PlayStation E3 2018: Rumours and Predictions

E3 is upon us, the industry conferences are mere days away now so there is no better time to start talking about the rumours surrounding each platform and getting hyped for the future announcements! We are kicking things off with PlayStation whose conference is scheduled for 11th June, 6 PM PT/9 PM ET/2 AM BST. The current console leaders have some games already confirmed but there is potential for them to reveal something out of left field and surprise everyone! Continue reading “PlayStation E3 2018: Rumours and Predictions”


Will Cross Platform Games Ever Become The Norm?

Let’s face it, if we could play games with our friends regardless of the console we own then this would be a dream come true. Whilst there is usually always one clear winner in the console war it could never be considered a bad thing opening up cross play on console, at least from a customer point of view. Some of us may have even had a taste of this cross platform play between PS4 and Xbox One; something many of us believed would never happen! Too bad this was short lived but begs the question, will cross platform games ever become the norm? Continue reading “Will Cross Platform Games Ever Become The Norm?”

E3 Predictions for PlayStation

PlayStation go into this year’s E3 in a position of comfort. With the PS4 reportedly outselling the Xbox One by 3 to 1 it should come at no surprise but what Sony will Sony do to strengthen this position of dominance? The exclusive games have been on point and new hardware such as PSVR and the PS4 Pro have helped Sony to get a head start in these new areas of technology but how do they truly build on this and make sure Microsoft do not out shine them at this year’s E3? Well, the simple answer is to continue to support their hardware with more awesome games, which appears to be exactly what’s on their agenda. Continue reading “E3 Predictions for PlayStation”

PSVR: Success Or Failure?

PSVR launched approx. 6 months ago and even though there is still limited stock in most high-street outlets suggesting the hardware has been a roaring success, there are still question marks over whether the VR technology has truly revolutionized console gaming or whether the figures are simply masking a failing technology. There is limited support from the larger third parties with game releases for the VR few and far between. Does the PSVR inevitably share the same fate as the PlayStation EyeToy? Continue reading “PSVR: Success Or Failure?”

Gang Beasts To Release On PS4 on 12th December 2017

Update 28th November 2017: It may have taken a year but we finally have a release date for Gang Beasts on PS4. Despite having lost some interest in this game having spent plenty of hours on my Switch in 2017, I am still excited to play this game. For anyone who still interested in playing this game on PS4 then you can rest happy knowing that there will be plenty of Gang Beasts action this Christmas when the game releases on 12th December 2017! If this is the first you are hearing about this game then shame on you but thankfully there is a new trailer for you to enjoy!

Update 10th July 2017: Thanks to a heads up from Blobby (and no that’s not Mr Blobby, I’m not going crazy!) it is pretty much confirmed that Gang Beasts will release on PS4 at the tail end of 2017. This information is suggested in Shacknews video from E3 with publishers, Double Fine. Check it out to see more information on Gang Beasts and more upcoming games from the studio:

Continue reading “Gang Beasts To Release On PS4 on 12th December 2017”

Playstation VR: What To Expect

Release Date: 13th October

VR in gaming is not a new thing but Sony are definitely market leaders when it comes to bringing this technology to the console market. Much has been made about PS VR over the past few months and much of the feedback has been nothing but positive. It is very easy to highlight that the hardware is not as powerful as the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift but PS VR does a great job of bringing this technology to the living rooms of the masses at a slightly more affordable price. It is surprising then that there is not more marketing around Playstation’s first venture into VR, especially considering there was a heck of a lot more marketing happening after the announcement. With many places overwhelmed with pre-order, it appears that Sony haven’t needed to market PS VR as it appears to be selling itself. Continue reading “Playstation VR: What To Expect”

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