Nintendo Switch Online Details Released

Nintendo’s Online service on the Switch has been a long time coming. Originally scheduled to launch in March 2018, it was delayed until September which meant players could continue playing online for free for a while longer. Now we have more details on Nintendo’s Online service and I can’t help but feel a little underwhelmed despite some clear wins for players. Continue reading “Nintendo Switch Online Details Released”


Nintendo Switch Rewards Now Available

Nintendo have long had a reward programme for the 3DS and Wii U but as of today, Nintendo Switch owners will also be able to start redeeming My Nintendo Gold Points against purchases in the eShop. With the launch of this new reward scheme it looks like Nintendo want to continue to build momentum for their console by keeping players buying Nintendo games but it is good value for money? Continue reading “Nintendo Switch Rewards Now Available”

Kirby Star Allies Switch Demo Now Available

Kirby games have been a staple for Nintendo for a long time now. He doesn’t get the same reception as a new Mario game or a new Zelda game but he has delivered some good games during those lulls between the perceived top tier Nintendo game. This time around Kirby Star Allies is launching at a time where there are no other game to ‘steal’ it’s thunder and Nintendo look to try and raise the profile of their pink hero by launching a free demo for the Switch today! Continue reading “Kirby Star Allies Switch Demo Now Available”

Nintendo Switch Online Arrives In September 2018

Good news Nintendo fans, Nintendo Switch Online is due to launch in September this year. When Nintendo first revealed their online service there were question marks over whether it would be a worthwhile purchase but after delaying the launch of this service from 2017 it has seen some tweaks that make it a very exciting prospect. So what do we currently know about this service? Continue reading “Nintendo Switch Online Arrives In September 2018”

Is 2018 The Year Of Nintendo?

We are almost 1 month into 2018 and Nintendo appear to be continuing where they left off in 2017! They were the fastest selling console in the US in 2017, outselling the PS4 and Xbox One in December and have now officially overtaken the Wii U lifetime sales, planting that less than memorable console in the past. So what is next for Nintendo? Well, they haven’t been resting on their laurels as we have seen a Direct Mini and a brand new experience announced in January which shows Nintendo intend to continue the charge! Continue reading “Is 2018 The Year Of Nintendo?”

Nintendo Switch Halloween Sale Starts Today

The end of 2017 approaches and this means one thing for gamers; a barrage of sales where we can possibly find cheap deals on awesome games that evaded our grasp earlier in the year. It looks like Nintendo will be the first to kick off this off with their Halloween Sale. Whilst the sale stretches across 3DS and Wii U, I am more interested in the sale on the Nintendo Switch eshop in case which has a few deals all Switch owners should consider. You can find the full list of games here. Continue reading “Nintendo Switch Halloween Sale Starts Today”

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