Unannounced Nintendo Switch Titles Due To Arrive Before The End Of The Year

Cast your minds back to Nintendo’s E3 Direct presentation and you will remember there were quite a few people that left that experience disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, I am super excited for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate but the only new first party game to be announced for the remainder of 2018 was Super Mario Party. With brief footage for other games like Fortnite, Dragonball FighterZ amongst others, it’s easy to think the line-up looks sparse. Well, looks like Nintendo have been holding out on us! Continue reading “Unannounced Nintendo Switch Titles Due To Arrive Before The End Of The Year”


Nintendo E3 2018: Rumours and Predictions

This is the big one for me. Nintendo have recaptured my attention with their Nintendo Switch console and they look set to build on their recent momentum by focusing on Switch titles releasing in 2018 for their E3 showcase. There is a lot of potential for Nintendo this year but it is worth grounding any expectations. There’s a lot of games we should probably expect and only a couple of wildcards to consider but if it all comes together nicely then Nintendo could end the year very nicely. Make sure to tune into their presentation on 12th June, 9am PT/12PM ET/5pm BST. Continue reading “Nintendo E3 2018: Rumours and Predictions”

5 Pokemon Games Are Coming To Nintendo Switch

When I was much younger I was obsessed with Pokemon. Since getting older, I had seemingly lost all interest in Pokemon until the release of Pokemon Go. The mobile game rekindled my interest in the brand, so much so that when they announced a Pokemon game was coming to Switch I was genuinely excited. That was almost a year ago that Game Freak shared this information and now it looks like they have announced 5 Pokemon games including the core RPG Pokemon Switch game previously mentioned at Nintendo’s E3 Spotloght video in 2017. Well, sort of. Continue reading “5 Pokemon Games Are Coming To Nintendo Switch”

Mario Tennis Aces Is Getting An Online Tournament Demo

Updated 17/05/2018: In addition to the Online Tournament Demo, Mario Tennis Aces will be getting a permanent demo in the Nintendo eShop from 24th May – that’s only a week away! So if you having been dying to get your hands on the game early then now is your chance! Mark the date, tennis fans and take to the court to play against CPU and hone your skills for the online tournament coming in June!

One of the few games that left a mark on me from Nintendo’s last Direct presentation was Mario Tennis Aces and it won’t be long before Nintendo Switch owners will be able to try the game for free with the new Online Tournament Demo. Not only will you be able to play the game ahead of its full release on 22nd June, you will also be able to earn a prize by participating in Online Tournaments! So, when can you try out the Mario Tennis Aces Demo I hear you ask? Continue reading “Mario Tennis Aces Is Getting An Online Tournament Demo”

Minecraft’s Cross-Platform Bedrock Update Launches on Nintendo Switch in June

Updated 18/05/2018: If getting cross platform play wasn’t enough for Switch players, then you can also expect to start playing the Update Aquatic at the same time. Minecraft’s brand-new update will make ocean exploration a ton more fun as it introduces brand new underwater biomes with ravines, caves, shipwrecks, ruins and more to find. You will also be able to enjoy a selection of new fish including cod, tropical fish and dolphins! If you play Minecraft on Xbox One or PC then this update will be available now but Switch players won’t have to wait long as this update with launch alongside the Bedrock Update on 21st June. Just know, the Update Aquatic will only be playable once you have download the Bedrock Update. Are you excited to try out some new stuff in Minecraft?

Minecraft has been a behemoth within the video games industry for quite some time. There are still plenty of gamers out there still playing the game despite launching almost 7 years ago. Now, Mojang are releasing a new update for Switch owners, which first and foremost, will enable cross-platform multiplayer with all supported platforms excluding PS4, of course! It will also give Switch players access to multiplayer servers and Realms along with a host of performance improvements! As a Switch player myself, this has been a long time coming and I, for one, am looking forward to trying out this new update when it launches on 21st June. Continue reading “Minecraft’s Cross-Platform Bedrock Update Launches on Nintendo Switch in June”

Nintendo Switch Online Details Released

Nintendo’s Online service on the Switch has been a long time coming. Originally scheduled to launch in March 2018, it was delayed until September which meant players could continue playing online for free for a while longer. Now we have more details on Nintendo’s Online service and I can’t help but feel a little underwhelmed despite some clear wins for players. Continue reading “Nintendo Switch Online Details Released”


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