Nintendo Switch Halloween Sale Starts Today

The end of 2017 approaches and this means one thing for gamers; a barrage of sales where we can possibly find cheap deals on awesome games that evaded our grasp earlier in the year. It looks like Nintendo will be the first to kick off this off with their Halloween Sale. Whilst the sale stretches across 3DS and Wii U, I am more interested in the sale on the Nintendo Switch eshop in case which has a few deals all Switch owners should consider. You can find the full list of games here. Continue reading “Nintendo Switch Halloween Sale Starts Today”


Will Console Cross Play Ever Happen?

Let’s face it, if we could play games with our friends regardless of the console we own then this would be a dream come true. Whilst there is usually always one clear winner in the console war it could never be considered a bad thing opening up cross play on console, at least from a customer point of view. Some of us may have even had a taste of this cross play between PS4 and Xbox One; something many of us believed would never happen! Too bad this was short lived but begs the question, will cross play across all consoles ever exist? Continue reading “Will Console Cross Play Ever Happen?”

New Nintendo Direct Airs On Wednesday

Update 15/09/2017: In case you missed the event, Nintendo shared a lot of details about upcoming games for Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch. You can now catch up with the latest Nintendo Direct in their latest Youtube video:

Continue reading “New Nintendo Direct Airs On Wednesday”

Nintendo Teases Super Smash Bros For Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch owners are finally getting treated to a larger selection of games but one of the most popular Nintendo games that hasn’t been mentioned yet is Super Smash Bros. That is until now. It looks like Nintendo have dropped a hint that a Super Smash Bros game is in the pipeline for the not so distant future. At the very least it looks like they may be teasing an announcement, perhaps for Gamescom this year? You could argue this latest activity suggests nothing close to a Super Smash Bros release but let’s just say I prefer to look at the glass half full! Continue reading “Nintendo Teases Super Smash Bros For Nintendo Switch”

Rime Releases For Nintendo Switch This November

Rime was a game I knew relatively little about this time last year but after watching trailers and seeing the game was coming to all consoles I soon took notice. The game is reminiscent of a Zelda-esque type puzzle adventure which lead me to make one decision; I was definitely buying this game for the Nintendo Switch! Tequila Works released the game for PC and consoles earlier this summer and up until recently, the only information of a release date for Switch was ‘Summer 2017’. Now we know that the game will arrive on 17th November on Switch and I am super excited to pick it up! Continue reading “Rime Releases For Nintendo Switch This November”