Runner 3 Getting Physical On Switch

For anyone who is not familiar with the Runner games, the news that Runner 3 will be getting a physical release would be akin to me telling you I had a burger for lunch. The information may not get you on your feet screaming with excitement but for me, and hopefully other Runner fans, this is a nice early Christmas gift! Therefore, I recommend that anyone who hasn’t familiarised themselves to the world of CommanderVideo to go out and try out the first two games before coming back and soaking in the exciting information below! Continue reading “Runner 3 Getting Physical On Switch”


FIFA 18 Demo Launches Today

It’s that time of year when FIFA game fans start to get excited for the next big FIFA game. FIFA 18 is due to release at the end of the month and all fans also know that a demo usually surfaces two weeks before launch. Well, this year is no different which means the FIFA demo will launch today! Time to dive in and check out what’s new. Continue reading “FIFA 18 Demo Launches Today”

Gamescom 2017: What To Expect

Gamescom may not be considered as big as E3, especially when it comes to video game announcements, but this year there has been very little in the way of rumours. In fact, there are no rumours but we do have a good idea of what we will get updates about. With PlayStation not holding a conference at Gamescom 2017, opting to focus on their Paris Games Week event and PSX in December, it will be up to Xbox and Nintendo to lead the way with their updates. Continue reading “Gamescom 2017: What To Expect”

We Happy Few Full Release Announced For April 2018

We Happy Few launched in early access almost 2 years ago and we met with a warm reception from players. Despite the obvious need for improvement, much like any game that is released in early access, it was a game that had a promising concept reminiscent of the Bioshock series. The game centres around a dystopian 1960s England which appears like a wonderland thanks to the fact all residents are force fed happy pills . The premise is that as you start to see the world around you for what it really is then survival is your ultimate goal. Now that Compulsion Games is partnering with Gearbox we are due to see a much bigger version of this game when it launches on Xbox One, PS4 and PC on 13th April 2018. Continue reading “We Happy Few Full Release Announced For April 2018”

Esports Considered For 2024 Olympics

Defining my gaming habits, I would categorise myself as a competitive gamer. Whilst I enjoy the rewards of single player puzzle based stories or similar video games where there is no competitive edge, it is the thrill of competing that drives my gaming habits. There is a continuous need to improve and become ‘the best’. Of course, not literally! There are professional gamers for that and now it looks like they could be joining the most recognisable sporting competition in the world! Continue reading “Esports Considered For 2024 Olympics”