Best of E3 2017

This E3 had some highs but mostly consisted lows as many companies did not quite reach the hype I had envisaged. That said there were some great announcements within the sea of mediocrity that washed over E3 2017. Let’s take a look at the best moments of E3 this year as we recap all the pre-show conferences. Continue reading “Best of E3 2017”

Video Game Addiction: Enthusiasm Or Affliction

video game addiction

I have been playing video games from a young age with gaming consoles apparent throughout much of my childhood. In fact, the only time where video games were not a part of my life was during University where money was a major factor in my temporary divorce from playing games. Despite this ‘break’, my adult life has always involved games to a greater or lesser extent, even to a point where people may even describe my affinity to gaming as an addiction. Maybe working in the industry has fuelled that but nearly all long-term gamers will have probably have been told something similar for wildly different reasons. With relatively little scientific evidence to suggest this addiction is as severe as a drug addiction, it is something that can have a detrimental impact on your life. Here I take a deeper look into video game addiction and share my thoughts. Continue reading “Video Game Addiction: Enthusiasm Or Affliction”

Can Activision Rebuild The Call Of Duty Reputation With COD WWII?

Call Of Duty WII

It looks like Activision have realised the errors of their ways as COD WWII looks to take the game back to its roots. It was a similar time last year I predicted that Infinite Warfare would not do very well and that Battlefield would dominate the FPS market and in a nutshell, that turned out to be the case. COD Infinite Warfare still sold many copies but by Activision’s standards, it was a very modest amount in comparison to sales in the heyday. The bottom line is that very few Call Of Duty players wanted the game to continue down the futuristic rabbit hole and revisit its roots of modern warfare. Finally, we have a game that promises to do all this! Continue reading “Can Activision Rebuild The Call Of Duty Reputation With COD WWII?”

Darksiders 3 Revelaed

As with nearly every high profile release these days, details surrounding the game is leaked ahead of its planned announcement. Darksiders 3 is now the latest game to suffer this same fate as images and details around an upcoming Darksiders 3 game have been temporarily released on Amazon. The listing was quickly taken down but the release has now been confirmed and this is what we know!

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Stars Wars: Battlefront 2 Incoming November 2017

Star Wars Battlefront II

Stars Wars: Battlefront 2 has been one of the most exciting announcements of 2017 with it set to arrive on Xbox One and PS4 on 17th November 2017. Coupled with an incredibly exciting teaser for the new Star Wars film, most Star Wars fan’s jaws will have hit the floor with the latest reveals! The previous Star Wars: Battlefront received plenty of hype and ended up falling flat as the experience ended up feeling fractured and incomplete. Despite the constructive feedback I thoroughly enjoying the previous game and if there are incoming improvements then I am definitely stoked to try Star Wars: Battlefront 2!

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