Esports Considered For 2024 Olympics

Defining my gaming habits, I would categorise myself as a competitive gamer. Whilst I enjoy the rewards of single player puzzle based stories or similar video games where there is no competitive edge, it is the thrill of competing that drives my gaming habits. There is a continuous need to improve and become ‘the best’. Of course, not literally! There are professional gamers for that and now it looks like they could be joining the most recognisable sporting competition in the world! Continue reading “Esports Considered For 2024 Olympics”

Video Game Booths Installed in Chinese Shopping Centre

Whilst it may be stereotypical to suggest that men enjoy video games more than women, it is hard to argue against saying most men enjoy playing video games. Whether it’s super casual and they only play FIFA with their friends or whether they play nearly every game under the sun, it is true to say most men have had experience with video games to some capacity. Now, a shopping centre in China looks to reinforce more stereotypes by installing video game booths designed to give men something to do whilst their wives and girlfriends go shopping! Continue reading “Video Game Booths Installed in Chinese Shopping Centre”

Two New One Piece Games Revealed

This week has been a good week for anime fans and as a big One Piece fan I am overjoyed with the news. Not only has One Piece Burning Blood been heavily discounted on PS4 and now Xbox One (at least in the UK) but two new games have been revealed. Anyone has hasn’t played One Piece Burning Blood should definitely check out the game but the real excitement is for the new games which look to deliver a One Piece experience like never before!

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PlayerUnknonwn’s Battlegrounds Full Release Suffers Delay

Before E3, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was not even a concept to me. Following it’s inclusion at E3 I suddenly took notice and decided to do some research of this game. I came to realise this Battle Royale game could be one of the smarter moves from Xbox to make this a console launch exclusive. With a release expected around September when the game was planned to leave early access I was excited but it looks like I must wait a little longer.

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Xbox Ultimate Game Sale 2017 Starts Today!

It’s discount season and now is the best time to be looking for deals for any games you had your eye on. All Xbox owners will be happy to know there are over 300 games included in this year’s Ultimate Game Sale and, as always, Gold members can save an additional 10% on these titles. With so much to choose from in this sale, you are sure to find a bargain for at least a couple of games! Check out the full list of games below and head over the the Ultimate Game Sale page to buy until your heart’s content! Continue reading “Xbox Ultimate Game Sale 2017 Starts Today!”