Must Buy Games In November

You came here to find out what must buy games are heading your way next month and for that I commend you but I must apologise for not sharing the best games for the past couple of months. October has been and gone and you never knew if I had a sneaky game suggestion for you! Well, let’s start with some honorable mentions from the past month including Forza 7, South Park: The Fractured But Whole, Assassin’s Creed: Origins and Super Mario Odyssey. Now that is out the way, here are my game recommendations for November! Continue reading “Must Buy Games In November”


Must Buy Games in September 2017

Prepare yourself for a month filled with great new game releases. I hope you have been saving your money up as there are going to be more games in this list than in previous months and I’m pretty certain you will agree that most of these are genuinely ‘must buy’ games. Here is my selection for September (don’t say I didn’t warn you!). Continue reading “Must Buy Games in September 2017”

Must Buy Games In August 2017

UPDATE 17th AUGUST 2017: Developers of Hello Neighbor, tinyBuild, have confirmed the game has been delayed from it’s August release date on Xbox One to 8th December. With this in mind I have updated this post to include games that will actually release in August!

August is a strange month for video game releases. Sometimes you can find some hidden gems that have snuck their way into the release schedule and at other times it can often be the calm before the storm that is a hectic Christmas release schedule. Thankfully this August, there are some potential gems that you should at least keep your eye on! Continue reading “Must Buy Games In August 2017”

Must Buy Games In July 2017

As we officially enter the second half of the year we will see the game releases slow down as we ramp up to the tail end of 2017. That said, there are still some noteworthy releases for all gamers to sit up and take notice of. On a personal note, I will be receiving my Switch this month and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. Now I can get hyped about all the Switch game releases too! Continue reading “Must Buy Games In July 2017”

Must Buy Games in June 2017

Another month approaches and I have an ever building catalogue of video games that I want to play through. With this in mind, I almost don’t want to think what other games may tickle my fancy in June but looks like I won’t be able to resist! Let’s take a look at the top releases next month and why you should buy them. Continue reading “Must Buy Games in June 2017”

Must Buy Games in May 2017

Every month, I tell you there are some games that you must buy and this month is no different! As we venture into the Summer months we see that the list of high profile releases starts to become thinner on the ground than the Winter months but that does not mean there aren’t some great games launching in May! In fact, some of the games releasing in May could end up being your favourite games for the rest of the year! Big claim I know but I think you will be pleasantly surprised. Continue reading “Must Buy Games in May 2017”

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