Crackdown 3 Delayed Until Spring 2018

Having never been a huge fan of the Crackdown series, it may surprise to see my writing about a delay for Crackdown 3. Well, my reasons are twofold. Firstly, Crackdown 3 does look like a genuinely enjoyable game and secondly, since this was one of the few console exclusive for the Xbox One X, it could have played a part in my decision to purchase the next Xbox console at launch. To hear this has now been delayed is not just a disappointment to those gamers who wanted to play the game but brings into question how successful the initial launch of the Xbox One X will be! Continue reading “Crackdown 3 Delayed Until Spring 2018”

Esports Considered For 2024 Olympics

Defining my gaming habits, I would categorise myself as a competitive gamer. Whilst I enjoy the rewards of single player puzzle based stories or similar video games where there is no competitive edge, it is the thrill of competing that drives my gaming habits. There is a continuous need to improve and become ‘the best’. Of course, not literally! There are professional gamers for that and now it looks like they could be joining the most recognisable sporting competition in the world! Continue reading “Esports Considered For 2024 Olympics”

Nintendo Teases Super Smash Bros For Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch owners are finally getting treated to a larger selection of games but one of the most popular Nintendo games that hasn’t been mentioned yet is Super Smash Bros. That is until now. It looks like Nintendo have dropped a hint that a Super Smash Bros game is in the pipeline for the not so distant future. At the very least it looks like they may be teasing an announcement, perhaps for Gamescom this year? You could argue this latest activity suggests nothing close to a Super Smash Bros release but let’s just say I prefer to look at the glass half full! Continue reading “Nintendo Teases Super Smash Bros For Nintendo Switch”

Rime Releases For Nintendo Switch This November

Rime was a game I knew relatively little about this time last year but after watching trailers and seeing the game was coming to all consoles I soon took notice. The game is reminiscent of a Zelda-esque type puzzle adventure which lead me to make one decision; I was definitely buying this game for the Nintendo Switch! Tequila Works released the game for PC and consoles earlier this summer and up until recently, the only information of a release date for Switch was ‘Summer 2017’. Now we know that the game will arrive on 17th November on Switch and I am super excited to pick it up! Continue reading “Rime Releases For Nintendo Switch This November”

Must Buy Games In August 2017

UPDATE 17th AUGUST 2017: Developers of Hello Neighbor, tinyBuild, have confirmed the game has been delayed from it’s August release date on Xbox One to 8th December. With this in mind I have updated this post to include games that will actually release in August!

August is a strange month for video game releases. Sometimes you can find some hidden gems that have snuck their way into the release schedule and at other times it can often be the calm before the storm that is a hectic Christmas release schedule. Thankfully this August, there are some potential gems that you should at least keep your eye on! Continue reading “Must Buy Games In August 2017”