Monthly Free Games in June 2017

As another month of free games approaches, I have decided to make a small change to this monthly post. Considering it has been over 10 years last the previous generation of consoles launched, I will now be excluding all games that are only available on an older gen console. Now, onto the line-up for this month’s monthly free games! There are some good choices across both platforms this month so don’t miss some of these great games! Continue reading “Monthly Free Games in June 2017”

Monthly Free Games in May 2017

Too many games and not enough time to play them all, unless of course you decide to give up on the rest of life and dedicate yourself solely to gaming! Despite a growing list of games on all our must play lists there is a new selection of free games coming to console that you won’t want to miss. So which ones should you download and play in this coming month?

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Monthly Free Games in April 2017

monthly free games

Once again, it is time to look at this month’s free games across PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and find out if there are any games that are worth playing. Of course, you could just download them all whilst they are free and come back to them at any time but let’s identify the best of the bunch and save you from spending some pennies on new games! Here is the line-up for April. Continue reading “Monthly Free Games in April 2017”

Monthly Free Games in March 2017

Better late than never! You may already know what the free games are for March considering this post comes a week after the beginning of the month but if you have been too busy with the Nintendo Switch release or playing your way through Horizon Zero Dawn then you may find this to be ground-breaking news. Wishful thinking, maybe! Check out what games are free for your console this month and when you can download them below.

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Monthly Free Games in February 2017

After a fairly disappointing January for the monthly free games from Microsoft and Sony we are treated to a better selection of free games this month on both platforms. There may be a tense rivalry between both companies but this month they are going toe to toe and matching each other blow for blow. Find out which games you should download this month. Continue reading “Monthly Free Games in February 2017”