Unannounced Nintendo Switch Titles Due To Arrive Before The End Of The Year

Cast your minds back to Nintendo’s E3 Direct presentation and you will remember there were quite a few people that left that experience disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, I am super excited for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate but the only new first party game to be announced for the remainder of 2018 was Super Mario Party. With brief footage for other games like Fortnite, Dragonball FighterZ amongst others, it’s easy to think the line-up looks sparse. Well, looks like Nintendo have been holding out on us!

Nintendo Are Switched On!


Following a recent interview with former President, Tatsumi Kimishima, he was asked about Nintendo’s E3 presentation and the decline in stock following E3’s Direct. He responded by saying that Nintendo have heard the feedback from fans and stated they have not revealed all of their games to be released before the end of the year with more details about its full 2018 line up to be shared at a more appropriate time. He referred to the end of year line-up as ‘powerful’ and begs the question: what are Nintendo holding back on?

We already know that we are getting Super Mario Party, the Pokemon: Let’s Go games and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and there will also be some more third party titles to release, with only a few that really stand out here. So let’s theorise what else could be coming from Nintendo before the end of the year!

There are 5 potential titles that I can see Nintendo releasing before the end of the year. It could be any one or a combination of the below but probably best to assume we are only getting one to avoid another disappointment like E3. First up is Pikmin 4. We have known about it for ages and heard virtually nothing for such a long time. Whilst I know game development is no easy feat and can take a very long time, it feels like there should have been significant progress here give the game was first announced in 2015.

There was also the rumoured Star Fox Grand Prix that never appeared at E3. Whilst this was purely a rumour, it seems there is still hope for a dedicated Star Fox game to be released before the end of the year and not just a guest appearance in the Switch version of Starlink. I would be interested to see a Star Fox game before the end of the year. Yes, even if it is a racing game and not a ‘standard’ Star Fox game!


For me, I still believe there is a chance that a Tomodachi game will be released before the end of the year. With Nintendo allowing Mii’s to be created on their website, this has convinced me they are planning something with the franchise. Tomodachi Life on 3DS was huge and the Tomodachi series is in Nintendo’s top 20 revenue generators, even since the release of the Nintendo Switch. As more people migrate from 3DS to Switch, surely they will give those players a game they know and love!

Another obvious choice would be Animal Crossing, however this feels like it is unlikely. Those will be my famous last words since Nintendo have made a habit of disproving every prediction I have for the Nintendo platform but this definitely feels like a big title that deserves a release window that isn’t competing against a Pokemon or Super Smash Bros. game. That said, Animal Crossing is definitely a system shifting and for Nintendo to reach 20 million units target for this year. There is an outside chance of this!

animal crossing switch e3

The last of my ‘title’s is more of a cop out selection. Basically, I think we could see another big profile Wii U port. There are some Mario titles that could potentially be ported. I’m thinking of Super Mario Maker, Paper Mario and Super Mario 3D World in particular. You also have a port of Xenoblade Chronicles X on the cards or if Nintendo are looking at bringing more 3DS players to Switch then there is also the possibility of Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask being remade for Nintendo Switch. With a few options left for ports and remakes then this makes the most sense for more ‘quick’ products to bolster the end of the year for Nintendo.

Let’s just be clear on a few things, Bayonetta 3, Metroid Prime 4, the core-RPG versions of Pokemon and the Yoshi Switch game have not been included in this list as they seem to be slated for 2019 as opposed to 2018. I have not forgotten these titles and will be pleasantly surprised if we see these in time for the Holiday season!


When will we hear about these potential new titles? The most reasonable predictions for this will either be at Gamescom next month or we may even potentially have a Nintendo Direct in September around the same time the Nintendo Switch Online service is due to launch so keep you’re eyes peeled!

Do you agree with my list? If you think there is anything else we could see before the end of the year then share your thoughts in the comments!


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