Nintendo E3 2018: Rumours and Predictions

This is the big one for me. Nintendo have recaptured my attention with their Nintendo Switch console and they look set to build on their recent momentum by focusing on Switch titles releasing in 2018 for their E3 showcase. There is a lot of potential for Nintendo this year but it is worth grounding any expectations. There’s a lot of games we should probably expect and only a couple of wildcards to consider but if it all comes together nicely then Nintendo could end the year very nicely. Make sure to tune into their presentation on 12th June, 9am PT/12PM ET/5pm BST.

What Do We Know Already?


This list will be quite long since Nintendo has already showed players a lot of upcoming titles. So we are probably going to recap most of these titles in this list. Up first is the upcoming Mario Tennis Aces game. We already have lots of information for this but you can bet that Nintendo will do one last push for this game ahead of release. Maybe they will show off some more of the story mode or just show a new trailer for the game so expect something but not too much.

Another game we know will be at E3 is Super Smash Bros. First revealed in Nintendo’s last Direct video, it looks like there will be a big focus on this game ahead of its launch later this year. Expect to see a release date, character profiles with maybe a couple of new character outside of the confirmed Inkling characters and a new trailer.

Another update we are likely to see is a release date for the new Octo expansion for Splatoon 2. There has been a lot of activity around this at Nintendo so I can’t see too much focus on this for Nintendo outside of another trailer and a final release date. We may be seeing this sooner rather than later!


Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker is also due to release in July and Nintendo definitely like to push their games so you can expect to see an update on this game. I don’t deem it to be one of their bigger titles so maybe not a huge focus on this one, maybe coupled with a new amiibo or something of a similar ilk. Purely speculation.

We also have Pokemon which was largely revealed in the recent Pokemon live stream but the one thing we do not have much information about is the core RPG versions set to release for Switch next year. There is a slim possibility we could hear more on this but it is more likely we will see the Pokemon Let’s Go games again in a little more detail.


Now, outside of these ‘obvious’ games, there are a few that Nintendo have already ‘revealed’ but have remained dormant for quite some time. I’m talking about the new Yoshi game for Switch, Fire Emblem for Switch, Pikmin 4 for Switch and Metroid Prime 4. I expect we will see more on Yoshi this year will a release date closer to the holiday period for this one. I think we will see more on Fire Emblem, mostly because it’s been a year and a half since we last saw it and there is a chance we will see something about Metroid Prime 4 but confirmation that it will be released next year. As for Pikmin 4, who knows! Maybe we will or maybe we will be waiting another few years with only the reassurance coming from Shigeru Miyamoto that it is still coming!

Third Party Titles


Whilst there are quite a few Nintendo titles, there are also equally plenty of rumours about third party titles coming to the Switch this year. Let’s start with the one title on everyone’s mind, Fortnite. This is less of a rumour now with all the ‘leaks’ that have been flooding the internet. Fortnite Switch has been rated by the Korean ratings board, Fortnite has been seen on a ‘leaked’ Nintendo schedule image and Fortnite has recently been found in a datamine of the Nintendo Switch eShop. If Fortnite for Switch isn’t announced at E3 I’ll eat my hat! (Disclaimer: I don’t wear hats!).

Contained within the ‘leaked’ Nintendo image we can also see Dragon Ball FighterZ and Paladins which would simply be ports of pre-existing games. I would be really happy with Dragon Ball FighterZ on Switch but Paladins does not interest me at all. One game from the list that would be exciting is Overcooked 2. Whilst it probably won’t be a console exclusive, I would be really interested to see more Overcooked in the future. Of course, all of these games could be completely false so don’t go expecting these games but Paladins has now been confirmed to be launching on 12th June so this ‘leak’ is looking more likely by the second!


We know that Square Enix is already developing Octopath Traveller so this could be shown again at E3 ahead of it’s release later this year but Square Enix have recently suggested they will devote a whole department to Switch titles if Octopath Traveller does well. They are already working on several other Switch titles so could we be seeing more Square Enix titles for Switch at E3 this year? If so, then maybe we will see Final Fantasy or a core Dragon Quest game on Switch very soon!

It’s not just Square Enix that are strongly supporting the Switch. Bethesda have long been suggesting they are intending to support the Switch with more game but what games could we see from Bethesda at E3. Well, maybe it will only be Wolfenstein 2 for this year’s E3 but maybe we could also see a Fallout game coming to Switch. The new Fallout 76 is an unknown quantity at this stage but it’s not outside the realms of possibility that this will launch on the Switch as well as other consoles. Anything else would definitely be a big surprise!


Konami are following the recent trend and expressing their intention to support the Switch with two new titles set the be revealed at E3. My expectation is for these games to include a Metal Gear Solid game or a PES game but one is listed on the Konami website as being a compilation of classic hits from the firm’s past, so a Bomberman Collection maybe?

Finally, Capcom has listed an unannounced action/adventure game for E3 2018 which looks like it could also be appearing on PC and Xbox. I honestly have no idea what this could be but it would be great to see a Monster Hunter game for Switch. This could end up being a very nice surprise!

The Nintendo Surprise


So the last part of this post is going to focus on the regular, final announcement. You know, right at the end of the Nintendo presentations where they suggest it’s the end but in fact, they have one more thing to show us. Yeah, that game is where the true wildcard games are revealed. So this section is going to be dedicated to the more whacky predictions.

I have a feeling that an Animal Crossing game is coming to Switch and I would not be surprised if this potential final game could be an Animal Crossing reveal. There is a huge cult following for this Brand and it just seems like the right time to release a game like this considering how different it would be from the other rumoured titles. That said, I was convinced this was going to be their surprise in the last Direct and it turned out to be Super Smash Bros so I’m probably way off base!

Another game that could be saved for this part of the show is the rumoured Star Fox: Grand Prix game that was supposedly leaked. Personally, it is not a big enough Brand to be showcased in such a prominent spot but it’s Nintendo and they always surprise us. I’m prone to being wrong with nearly all of my Nintendo predictions so covering all bases this time.


Outside of these two titles then it’s anyone’s guess but I can’t seem to shake the idea that there maybe a return for a Mii based game. Whilst the Mii avatars have been hidden in the Nintendo Switch console it is still there. If Nintendo were getting rid of them completely then it would make sense to kill off any use for them on their new console but they are still here. Further to that, they recently allowed players to create their own Mii’s via the Nintendo website. All this could be nothing but, considering that Tomodachi is in the top 20 franchises for Nintendo then it wouldn’t be completely ridiculous to see a new Tomodachi Life or Miitopia style game announced at this year’s E3. I don’t think it will be in the final spot but this is just whacky enough to sound like something Nintendo would do!

If most of the above does end up happening for Nintendo then they will have had an excellent E3! Just wait for it all to be wrong though!

Got your own predictions? Join the conversation and share them in the comments!


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