Mario Tennis Aces Is Getting An Online Tournament Demo

Updated 17/05/2018: In addition to the Online Tournament Demo, Mario Tennis Aces will be getting a permanent demo in the Nintendo eShop from 24th May – that’s only a week away! So if you having been dying to get your hands on the game early then now is your chance! Mark the date, tennis fans and take to the court to play against CPU and hone your skills for the online tournament coming in June!

One of the few games that left a mark on me from Nintendo’s last Direct presentation was Mario Tennis Aces and it won’t be long before Nintendo Switch owners will be able to try the game for free with the new Online Tournament Demo. Not only will you be able to play the game ahead of its full release on 22nd June, you will also be able to earn a prize by participating in Online Tournaments! So, when can you try out the Mario Tennis Aces Demo I hear you ask?

Mario Has Aced It!


The good news is the demo will be available for players from the 1st June at 3pm UK time but the bad news is this demo is only available for a limited time. If you’re interested in trying our Mario Tennis Aces, you will only have until 4th June at 11.59pm UK time.

So, let’s delve into the details of what content you can expect in the demo. Players will be able to choose from 4 characters; Mario, Bowser, Peach and Yoshi, and compete in Online Tournaments against other players to hone your tennis skills! By winning games and advancing further in tournaments you will collect points which will allow you to unlock 5 more characters to try out. At the moment, there is no confirmation what these characters will be.


The fun doesn’t end there! By taking part in any Online Tournaments, you will be able to get hold of a classic Mario skin in your original overalls. This is a nice addition since you will most likely only be able to play as Mario in his tennis gear when the full game releases.

If you happen to be playing the game in Japan then the top 8 players in Online Tournaments will be invited to take part in Top Players Tournament at Summer Jisedai World Hobby Fair 2018. This is a super cool idea and hopefully we will see something similar for players in the US and EU. Unfortunately, there has been no word on whether players outside of Japan will see anything like this.

Either way, I am excited to try out this demo and if it is as good as what I am imagining then the wait to play the full game on my Nintendo Switch at the end of June will be unbearable!



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