New Nintendo Direct Airs On Wednesday

Update 15/09/2017: In case you missed the event, Nintendo shared a lot of details about upcoming games for Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch. You can now catch up with the latest Nintendo Direct in their latest Youtube video:

At the beginning of this year, I considered myself a gaming connoisseur playing various titles and genres across multiple platforms. That is until Nintendo released the Switch. With a growing Switch game library and a burning desire to keep adding to this collection, it has become my main gaming console. So it probably comes as no surprise that hearing that another Nintendo Direct will be airing on Wednesday, 13th September has my hype-o-meter has gone through the roof!

Nintendo Direct Predictions


Whilst limited details always surround these Nintendo Direct broadcasts, we do know that this broadcast will reveal new details on Mario Odyssey and will also tease more 3DS and Switch announcements.  So what does this mean?

I see this as potentially being one or a mixture of three things:

  1. Updates on games we already know about – With a new Kirby 3DS game announced and an update for ARMs expected, it is very possible that this Nintendo Direct will focus on these games we already know about. I hope not but I’m sure there are plenty of people who would be happy if this turned out to be the case.
  2. A new Bethesda announcement – considering the publisher recently hinted about a new game announcement, maybe we will see more of Skyrim on Switch or maybe there will be another game from Bethesda’s catalogue join Skyrim on Switch. Fallout, Doom, Dishonored or Wolfenstein would all be welcome additions if the Switch’s hardware can handle it! The news that LA Noire is coming to Switch fills me with hope that some of these larger games can be ported for this hybrid console.
  3. Possibly the most exciting possibility, something completely new! – This could come in one of many ways since it may not just be new games we get an update about. Whilst I might lose my mind if a Super Smash Bros announcement is made, it doesn’t sound like Nintendo are gearing up for announcing a new Super Smash Bros or Animal Crossing for Switch. So maybe this is an update on Virtual Console? With rumours surrounding Gamecube games coming to Switch via Virtual Console then this seems like an increasingly plausible outcome. However, one other thing that could also be announced is the inclusion of entertainment apps on Switch. Whilst this wouldn’t set the world alight, it could be a great strategic decision for Nintendo so that they can truly compete with mobile phones and tablets ahead of the busy Christmas period. I would be happy with any of these possibilities!

Ultimately, we don’t know what will be included until Wednesday. If you are based in the UK, like me, then you will need to stay up until 11pm on Wednesday to find out what Nintendo has to offer in this broadcast. Alternatively, tune in at midnight in mainland Europe or 3pm PST. As always, if you have any suggestions about what Nintendo will be showcasing then let me know in the comments!


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