We Happy Few Full Release Announced For April 2018

We Happy Few launched in early access almost 2 years ago and we met with a warm reception from players. Despite the obvious need for improvement, much like any game that is released in early access, it was a game that had a promising concept reminiscent of the Bioshock series. The game centres around a dystopian 1960s England which appears like a wonderland thanks to the fact all residents are force fed happy pills . The premise is that as you start to see the world around you for what it really is then survival is your ultimate goal. Now that Compulsion Games is partnering with Gearbox we are due to see a much bigger version of this game when it launches on Xbox One, PS4 and PC on 13th April 2018.

What To Expect

So what should you expect when the game fully launches in April? Well, the first thing you can expect is a fully realised story campaign that allows you to play as three different characters with more than 250 unique encounters, suggesting that each characters play through of the campaign offers a different experience offering replayability.

We have also just seen the last patch for We Happy Few before its release in April arrive this week. In this patch there are UI improvements, AI improvements and more which all aim to add some conformity to AI behaviour and make the stealth aspects of the game more enjoyable. This patch is packed with stuff and you can find out all the details here. This is at least a promising sign ahead of the full game release next year.

Compulsion Games’ studio head has also thanks fans of the game so far and said:

‘Our team was humbled by the initial public reception to We Happy Few, and delighted to have this chance to make it bigger. Gearbox believed in us from the very beginning, and we think this partnership will make it possible to create the game that our community expects.’

Special Editions

Cash-rich fans can spend big on the Collector’s Edition of We Happy Few!

If you bought the game in early access then you will get all of the updates up to the full release for free. For those who didn’t purchase during early access then you will be paying $59.99 for the standard edition. That’s not all, if you really love the series there will also be a limited edition Collection Set  which will include  a replica Bobby mask, “You Look Smashing” Lamp, a vinyl soundtrack, and a Joy alarm clock but doesn’t actually contain a copy of the game. If this collector’s set sounds like something you would want then be prepared to pay $149.99 for it!

Now that Compulsion Games have partnered with Gearbox, the same publishers behind the Borderlands series, we will be seeing the game release in digital and physical formats on console and on PC too and it is available to pre-order now!

It is yet to be seen whether this game will be worth the price tags above or whether it deserve such a luxury collector’s set but it is definitely one to keep your eye on. It could be something great when it releases on 13th April!


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