Nintendo Teases Super Smash Bros For Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch owners are finally getting treated to a larger selection of games but one of the most popular Nintendo games that hasn’t been mentioned yet is Super Smash Bros. That is until now. It looks like Nintendo have dropped a hint that a Super Smash Bros game is in the pipeline for the not so distant future. At the very least it looks like they may be teasing an announcement, perhaps for Gamescom this year? You could argue this latest activity suggests nothing close to a Super Smash Bros release but let’s just say I prefer to look at the glass half full!

Quizzical Nintendo At It A-Dane

smash bros

Nintendo may have made some strange decisions during their time with mixed results but one thing you cannot argue is they do not mislead their customers. So when I saw the possible answers for a recent competition for Nintendo in Denmark I questioned whether this was the biggest hint yet that Super Smash Bros would be coming to Nintendo Switch.

Entrants were required to answer a multiple choice question. The question was ‘What colorful shooter game was released on July 21 for the Nintendo Switch?’. For those that know the answer already then you could have won a trip to Legoland in Denmark, just saying. But what was most interesting was of the multiplayer choice answers, ‘Super Smash Bros for Nintendo Switch’ appeared alongside Pokken Tournament DX and Splatoon 2. Considering the other games in this list are all confirmed games for the Switch, either released or coming soon, it would appear pertinent to also include another game that will be released for Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo themselves are not the type to hype up fans with made up news, even if it is hidden away in a competition quiz but there is every chance this amounts to nothing. However, it is coincidental that Gamescom is only round the corner. After the disappointment of not seeing a Super Smash Bros announcement at E3 then here’s hoping this is a sign that we will see something regarding this game at Gamescom 2017!


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