Rime Releases For Nintendo Switch This November

Rime was a game I knew relatively little about this time last year but after watching trailers and seeing the game was coming to all consoles I soon took notice. The game is reminiscent of a Zelda-esque type puzzle adventure which lead me to make one decision; I was definitely buying this game for the Nintendo Switch! Tequila Works released the game for PC and consoles earlier this summer and up until recently, the only information of a release date for Switch was ‘Summer 2017’. Now we know that the game will arrive on 17th November on Switch and I am super excited to pick it up!

The Low Down


The Switch version of Tequila Works’ puzzle adventure game will be available on the Nintendo eShop on 17th November for £29.99 and there will also be a special physical edition which will include the full game, a download code and the original score from the game. Bear in mind, this special physical version will cost £39.99 so this will be for the hardcore fans!

If you haven’t heard of Rime yet then you will pleased to hear this game received a great deal of positive reviews from media and players alike which indicates this game could be a nice break for those who are still ploughing through The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. I personally cannot wait to experience the colourful and vibrant world in Rime on my Switch this November!


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