Must Buy Games In August 2017

UPDATE 17th AUGUST 2017: Developers of Hello Neighbor, tinyBuild, have confirmed the game has been delayed from it’s August release date on Xbox One to 8th December. With this in mind I have updated this post to include games that will actually release in August!

August is a strange month for video game releases. Sometimes you can find some hidden gems that have snuck their way into the release schedule and at other times it can often be the calm before the storm that is a hectic Christmas release schedule. Thankfully this August, there are some potential gems that you should at least keep your eye on!

Cities: Skylines

Platforms: PS4 (already available on Xbox One and PC)
Release Date: 15th August

If you’re a fan of Sims City then you will love this game. That game is not a completely new release as it is already available on PC and Xbox One and has received some strong reviews already! You can build and manage your own city which will no doubt, not be everyone’s idea of fun but for those who love these types of games then this is one of the best versions you will find across any platform. There are lots of different aspects to keep an eye on in your city ranging from traffic, pollution, crime, property values and much more and it is relatively easy to understand how all of these features interact. As with any of these games, the sense of satisfaction from achieving success is what makes this game so addictive. Now you can get hooked no matter what platform you play on and all for a reasonable price too!

One Piece Unlimited Word Red: Deluxe Edition

Platforms: PC, PS4, Switch
Release Date: 25th August, 29th September (Switch)

I may only be speaking to the manga and anime fans with this one but Bandai Namco are releasing a deluxe version of one of the most enjoyable One Piece games to ever be released; One Piece Unlimited World Red. This deluxe edition will contain over 40 pieces of downloadable content but will also include several new features from both a technical and content side. PS4 Pro and PC players will get 4K support and standard PS4 and Switch players will get a full HD experience. Take a journey with the Stawhats whilst meeting many of One Piece’s most iconic characters whilst you fight some epic battles against well known and new enemies! There a lot of content which is great news for any One Piece fans that have not played this game the first time around. This is definitely on my must buy list but unfortunately, I will have to wait until September for the Switch version!


Ark: Survival Evolved

Platforms: Xbox One, PS4, PC
Release Date: 29th August

If any gamer has got to this point without having at least heard of Ark: Survival Evolved then you have been sorely missing out. Now this recommendation comes with some caveats but more on that in a second. This game is effectively what a real life Jurassic Park would be like; survive in a world of huge and most often, quite deadly dinosaurs! This game also started as an early access game and this is the full release date so we are expecting the final layers of polish on the 29th August. Having already spend the equivalent of 3 days already playing this game, I can vouch for how much fun it is but be warned, the game has now been priced as a AAA title. Whilst I do love the game, much of my recommendation hinges on whether the developers of the game have applied those final layers of polish come the end of August. If so, then I recommend you pick this up immediately, especially considering the retail version will come with two DLC add ons but if not, then you may find this game still has some bugs that need to be resolved. One other warning, the developers have made some mind boggling decisions in the past (the price hike to £50 in early access being just one of many) but underneath of all that, there is an awesome game play experience. Just proceed with caution!

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle

Platforms: Nintendo Switch
Release Date: 29th August

Whilst this game didn’t make my original list I cannot completely ignore this title. I mean, it’s a Mario game and I do love Mario. Despite initially looking at the game and not thinking to much of this turn based strategy game, the more I see it, the more it draws me in and for those reasons it deserves a place in this list. Whilst I may not go out to buy it on launch day, it will definitely appeal to a lot of gamers purely for it’s Mario ties and strategic game play. Plus, you cannot ignore the mindless humour of the Rabbids which actually add some comedy to the Mario world in a good way. If you haven’t checked this out yet then make sure you do, it will grow on you.

Previously Included: Hello Neighbor

Platforms: Xbox One, PC
Release date: Delayed to 8th December

Hello Neighbor was included in my list of Steam games that should come to console and now my wishes have been answered! The game is finally coming and it looks like it will be fun experience, if not a rather jumpy experience too! The idea is that you must navigate your way through your neighbour’s house to find out his deepest darkest secrets. Something tells me he’s hiding them in the basement with all those locks on the door! The cool aspect to the game is that your neighbour will learn from your every move. If you get caught in one place then you might find extra traps in this area if you plan to return, forcing players to think outside of the box or just to become far more sneaky than they ever thought possible! Having come from an early access background, this could be a diamond in the rough when it finally arrives for Xbox One but only time will tell.


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    1. I have not been enticed by Mario + Rabbids Kingdom. That said, Nintendo have a habit of proving me wrong.

      As for Hellblade, I have only looked it up based on your suggestion! Looks great so consider that my ignorance for not including it on the list!


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