The Splatoon Brand Is On A Roll

For a game that was massively popular in a small subset of gamers, Splatoon has really elevated the brand to new heights with the launch of Splatoon 2. The Splatfest event last weekend is proof at how many people are really starting to buy into this game…literally! I would not be surprised to see the game go to no.1 in the game charts this weekend but Nintendo have been making some smart moves to help bolster the brand even more!

Super Single Player


One thing that is a step up in Splatoon 2 is the single player mode which appears to be getting a positive sentiment from reviewers at the moment. Official reviews are now starting to rear their heads and there are murmurings amongst the likes of Eurogamer and others that the single player mode in Splatoon is a particular highlight!

It is great to see a game that was largely born as a competitive multiplayer expand the gaming experience to bring in a whole new dimension, whilst still maintaining the same infectious fun elements! Almost like the first game acted as the incubator for this game to thrive and the sequel is the beautiful end product. Expect twist and lots of gloopy paint throughout the single player levels, just don’t expect the rest of the game to be massively different from the first installment!

Splatoon Is Getting Anime-ted!


Aside from my delight at the pun in the title, I am super excited to hear that Splatoon is now also getting an anime adaption. As a fan of a few anime’s already then I will have to find a way to include another one into my life but getting more story line behind the characters in the Splatoon universe sounds like a great idea and if this helps bring in new themes into the game then surely it can only be a win-win situation for everyone!

This anime series will air on CoroCoro’s Youtube channel with the first episode expected on 12th August. CoroCoro have already worked on a Manga version of the Splatoon series so there is a good chance the anime will follow the same story line. If you are impatient like me then you may wish to start reading the Manga adaption to get ahead of everyone else!

Either way, I am excited this is happening as I think it is a great way for games to tell a more immersive story. In terms of brand strategy, this could be a very smart move for the Splatoon brand and may potentially see it become a huge IP on a global scale in the future. Only time will tell!

Splatoon Online Bans


Whilst this may not come across as ground-breaking news, this could be one of the more astute features in Splatoon 2. For those people who continuously ‘rage quit’ their online games, you could suffer bands from the game. The message is typical Nintendo and reads:

“Your previous online play session didn’t end naturally, which is PREEEEETTY suspicious,” Splatoon 2’s message states. “If this keeps happening, we’re gonna have to block you from playing online for a while. Make sure your internet isn’t busted and try again.”

Whilst there are many question marks over Nintendo’s ability to launch a quality online service since this is not something they have done in the past but one key factor to success is having a stability. If these bans help to give the online game play that stability then this is definitely a step in the right direction!

Paint Incoming!


Splatoon 2 is launching this Friday, 21st July. My Nintendo Switch Splatoon Bundle is arriving around that time (delivery pending!) and I personally can’t wait! If you aren’t getting the game for launch then you should definitely be considering very soon, if not for the things above but for just how fun the game truly is! For all those people joining this weekend, I will see you on the battleground!


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