Two New One Piece Games Revealed

This week has been a good week for anime fans and as a big One Piece fan I am overjoyed with the news. Not only has One Piece Burning Blood been heavily discounted on PS4 and now Xbox One (at least in the UK) but two new games have been revealed. Anyone has hasn’t played One Piece Burning Blood should definitely check out the game but the real excitement is for the new games which look to deliver a One Piece experience like never before!

One Piece: Grand Cruise

We know more about one of the newly revealed One Piece games. Enter ‘One Piece: Grand Cruise. This will be a PlayStation VR exclusive title with no official release date, pricing or genre but Jump have shared some screen shots which indicate you will be able to explore the Thousand Sunny ship and interact with the Strawhat Pirates. If you have ever wanted to feel like part of the Strawhat Pirate crew then this game could very well be your answer to living out that dream!

There will be a special demo of the game on 22nd July at the ‘Tokyo One Piece Tower’ event where up to 8 players can play the game at once. Just how this will work is unknown but it definitely feels like a unique concept for the One Piece series!

Unprecedented One Piece Game

Whilst we know a lot more about One Piece: Grand Cruise, we know next to nothing about the second One Piece game that was revealed. Despite the limited details there are some very promising signs that this game could be very enjoyable whilst staying true to the Manga. We have been told the game is unprecedented, in that it has ‘an unheard of, super new feeling’. Cryptic to say the least!

The game has a code-name of ‘Dawn’ and is being developed by Bandai Namco in collaboration with Toei Animation. Bandai have made some good One Piece games in the past so this leaves me feeling confident they will make another good One Piece game here but the real clincher for me is that Eiichiro Oda  is cooperating in the development of the game. As long as this does not impact the release of the Manga (for selfish reasons only!) then this is music to my ears! Hopefully this collaboration between all three parties will result in one of the greatest One Piece games of all time.

The last piece of information that can be shared on this title is that planning and conception is taking a long time. This means we do not know what platforms that game will release for but expect an huge game! The settings and music from the anime are being included in the game so this leads me to speculate this could be an open world game, similar to Sea of Thieves, where you have freedom to roam around completing missions in the world of One Piece. Of course, this is nothing but speculation and I will be waiting with baited breath to find out more about this!


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