Must Buy Games In July 2017

As we officially enter the second half of the year we will see the game releases slow down as we ramp up to the tail end of 2017. That said, there are still some noteworthy releases for all gamers to sit up and take notice of. On a personal note, I will be receiving my Switch this month and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. Now I can get hyped about all the Switch game releases too!

Destiny 2: Open Beta


Release Date: 19th July

Ok, so I may have cheated here since Destiny 2 does not release until September but the good news is we can get our hands on the beta in July. If you have been hiding under a rock for the past 5 years and don’t know what Destiny is, it is basically a first person shooter that combines MMO style game play with your standard FPS gaming. Join your friends on missions and make your way to the top of the food chain by grinding and grinding to find the best gear and weapons throughout the Destiny world! Having spent many hours on the first Destiny game it will be interesting to see if Bungie have fixed and filled out some of the game’s more lacking features. If they have made improvements to acquiring gear or adding a more engrossing storyline in the beta then this will be a guaranteed purchase come September time! Make sure you jump all over this, especially since this is free (unless you pre-ordered the game in exchange for money!). Guardians, this could be really fun!

Splatoon 2


Release Date: 21st July

My Switch order is the Splatoon 2 bundle so this will be my first Switch game. And to be honest, I probably wouldn’t have picked a different game. Having had some game time on this at MCM Comic Con in London this year, I knew this game was going to be fun. This turf war based games involves trying to cover the arenas in as much of your team’s paint whilst also taking down the enemy team and preventing them from gaining higher coverage. This game is so much fun and whilst the motion controls may take a little bit of time to get used to, the overall experience is well worth putting the time into. You will also be able to play through the single player campaign to hone your skills before you go out into the multiplayer modes. Every Switch owner should get this game, especially since it is a lot more fun with friends. I’m still trying to figure out how well the online service will work and If everything is working well then we could have one of the best multiplayer games of 2017 in our hands right here!

Fortnite (Early Access)


Release Date: 25th July

Fortnite is an action/building survival game that has had relatively no press to date. Epic Games appear to have had this closely under wraps and have only really started to uncover more details at E3. What we have seen of this game so far though illustrates a game that takes influence from sandbox games but places them within a strong third person shooter atmosphere. You will need to go round the map chopping down wood to build a stronghold which protects you from waves of zombies. This is a unique blend of genres delivers a strangely enjoyable experience that you can’t find anywhere else. It is worth noting the game is releasing onto Paid Early Access so this gives you a chance to shape the way this game develops if you are willing to pay for the initial game. Don’t expect huge amounts of content at this stage but expect relatively polished game play and developers who want to help make this game the best it can be. If you are looking for something new or a new project to get involved with then this is the game for you!


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