Best of E3 2017

This E3 had some highs but mostly consisted lows as many companies did not quite reach the hype I had envisaged. That said there were some great announcements within the sea of mediocrity that washed over E3 2017. Let’s take a look at the best moments of E3 this year as we recap all the pre-show conferences.


EA’s new IP, Anthem, was revealed at this year’s E3

EA showcased a predictable line up of games including FIFA, Star War Battlefront 2, Need for Speed and more. These games, admittedly look great but unfortunately, they did not excite me. I will probably end up buying FIFA despite my love/hate relationship with the game, I will probably buy Star Wars Battlefront 2 and that’s without having watched the 30 mins of multiplayer gameplay that was shown at E3. EA did have one surprise for us though and that was the reveal of Anthem. This game looks graphically stunning with a mix of Destiny gameplay mixed in with Mass Effect. The reveal was nice and probably still the most interesting thing to come out of EA’s conference but this was not a show stopping display which resulted in EA starting of the conferences in slow fashion.


Phil Spencer
The Xbox One X was the highlight from Microsofts E3 conference.

Microsoft had two things in their mind at E3; showing off the Xbox One X (formerly known as Porject Scorpio) and filling the rest of their conference with great games. They succeeded in one of these areas. The new console had me hyped, even the small details such as creating such an innovative piece of hardware that is was named after its creator! That was a nice touch. Disappointingly though, Microsoft failed to deliver on the games front. They started with Forza, which everyone knew was coming, and then the rest of the list of games got gradually less exciting. Knowing the Xbox One X will cost £450, Mircosoft really needed to deliver some must-have games to go alongside. I was expecting a new Sunset Overdrive or another IP to come out from Rare, like a new platformer. This didn’t happen and though we saw a number of games, very few were really memorable. Sea of Thieves and Ori and The Will Of Wisps stood out as memorable for the right reasons but some stood out for the wrong reasons. For example, imagine my state of confusion whilst watching what looked like a MOBA style strategy game that was fronted by one man shouting at the crowd like an awkward commentator. What a bad idea that was!! If Microsoft reveal more games before the console launches on 7th November then there is a chance I could turn my head but for now I will stick with my original Xbox.


Wolfenstein was Bethesda’s big hitter this year.

Bethesda win my award for ‘Most Unnecessary E3 appearance’. The games they showed were good but it almost didn’t warrant a conference at E3. The most exciting thing that was announced during their conference was the announcement for another Wolfenstein game. This will no doubt get a sizeable amount of people excited but their other announcements seemed like filler to me. VR support for Fallout 4 and Doom, both games that were released over a year ago. The Skyrim-Amiibo linking up was cool but it is not a reason to get me excited about The Elder Scrolls, especially for a game that is now almost 6 years old. The only other new stuff to be announced from Bethesda was a return for Dishonored and The Evil Within with new games for these IP’s. Whilst both are good games in their own right, this hardly ‘raised the roof’ and left me waiting for Sony to steal the show.


The latest Spider Man trailer looks incredible!

With everyone before them delivering an underwhelming conference, Sony should have wiped the floor clean and blown us all away with game updates and new game release. Unfortunately, Sony fell into the trap of playing it too safe. We saw updates on God Of War, Days Gone and the big hitters such as Call Of Duty and Destiny but there was nothing brand new that whet the appetite. Where was the Spyro The Dragon remaster announce that so many people speculated on? Where was The Last Of Us: Part 2 game play? Don’t get me wrong, Sony had a strong showing nonetheless as the games they did show looked fantastic but they did not send the crowd into a frenzy. That said, the new Spider Man game footage was, by far, the best trailer to be shown during Sony’s E3 conference. The game looks reminiscent of the Batman Arkham games in combat, mixed with an open world formula similar to the Infamous games. Thank god Sony ended on this, this was definitely the best way to end their show!


The Mario and Rabbids mash up looked surprisingly fun!

Ubisoft had a strong performance at E3. Their show started off with Mario and Rabbids game which looked surpiringly more fun than we most people were expecting. They even brought Miyamoto on stage who is always a pleasure to watch and makes every game he plays look so much fun. From this point we saw a host of new games including a pirate game to rival Rare’s Sea of Thieves and a return to Beyond God and Evil in a sequel game that looks incredible. Sandwiched between these announcements were further previews at Far Cry 5, which always brings the fun factor, and an update on South Park: The Fractured But Whole, which continues to draw out the laughs despite some long delays to the game. The end feeling after this conference was that Ubisoft are definitely a publisher to look out for in the second half of this year!


You know if you only need to show the number 4 to build hype then you are onto a winner!

Whilst Nintendo have not participated in the conference shows at E3 for quite some time, their Nintendo Spotlight video was the best part of the event! They opted to only provide a 25 minute video but there was more exciting stuff in here than either one of Sony or Microsoft. This only continues to prove that Nintendo are on the ascendancy and that if you haven’t got yourself a Nintendo Switch yet, you may want to reconsider. With a growing games library before the video, Nintendo confirmed that Rocket League will come to Switch. Whilst now a new game, this is a must have for Rocket League fans. Playing this game on the go is the ultimate dream! We also saw some new games showcased including a new Yoshi and Kirby game which are always welcomed additions. For me, there were three highlights for Nintendo.

First, was the updated trailer for Super Mario Odyssey which made me see this Mario game in a new light!  Take control of anything with Mario’s hat, even a giant dinosaur or your enemies! This looks like a genuinely fun and unique take on a Mario game and I cannot wait to try this in October.

Second was the revelation that there will be a new RPG styled Pokemon game for the Switch. So whilst Sun and Moon are not coming to Switch, we will be getting out own, brand spanking new versions of this style of Pokemon game. Great news for all the Pokemon fans out there.

Third, and probably the most hyped announcement for the whole of E3, was the reveal trailer for Metroid Prime 4 on Switch. Whilst the trailer largely consisted of showing the number 4 on screen, Nintendo could not have revealed this game in a more exciting fashion. Many speculated this would be there but many was still shocked and excited when this showed up in the Nintendo Spotlight video.

Nintendo definitely stole the show and whilst many would have hoped for more including a Super Smash Bro announcement or more Nintendo IP’s to get Switch version i.e. Pikimin, Luigi’s Mansion, this was the display of a Nintendo with new found confidence. One that has learnt the lessons from the Wii U’s failure to succeed. This may well hint at Nintendo becoming a true force to be reckoned with before the end of the year. Sony and Microsoft may need to start watching their backs.


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  1. great post, I agree with you this years E3 wasn’t that good or maybe they hyped us more than they should’ve! But you forgot Beyond Good & Evil 2. This title has been in development for 15 years. that was one of the emotional moments of E3 2017.


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