E3 Predictions for Nintendo

Nintendo are slowly becoming a force to be reckoned with in gaming terms as their Switch console is building up Steam before a busy end of 2017. With a whole host of games upcoming, it looks like Nintendo will spend most of their Spotlight video talking through the biggest games to release on their latest console, including Splatoon 2, Super Mario Odyssey and Pokken Tournament DX. All of these games look tempting but most Nintendo fans are holding out for a shock announcement when their Spotlight event starts at 5pm BST/ 9am PDT on 13th June.

Splatoon 2

Whilst not a new game announcement, this is the reason I bought my Nintendo Switch and I cannot wait to play this game on the console. It looks like Nintendo Spotlight video is guaranteed to hype me up for it’s release on 21st July as we get to witness a more multiplayer footage of the game. The orignal was deemed one of Nintendo’s best exclusives on the Wii U, so this could be one of Nintendo’s best games of 2017. Start covering ground and taking down opponents with buckets of colourful paint in this wonderfully fun multiplayer game!

Super Mario Odyssey

This may just be one of the strangest looking Mario games I have ever seen but it is also one of the most interesting Mario games I have ever witnessed. Seeing Mario run around New York City replica, New Donk City instead of the Mushroom Kingdom sure does fill me with mixed emotion! One thing that does stand out from the trailer is this is the first open world Mario game since Super Mario Sunshine on the Gamecube so this will be a welcomed return for Mario games. Expect to find out more details on this including a release date.

Pokken Tournament DX

The latest game to be announced for the Nintendo Switch could well see another outing during Nintendo’s Spotlight video. Don’t expect any new content but more so a reaffirmation that a top quality Pokemon game will be available on Switch before the end of the year. Expect Pokken Tournament DX to be a contender for upcoming eSports tournaments too as Nintendo continue to thrash out more titles that are perfect for eSports competitions.

Monster Hunter XX

Monster Hunter was announced for Switch by Capcom recently and there is a good chance we will see more from this title during Nintendo’s E3 video Spotlight. Whilst we are sure this will be a nice mix between the full blown console versions and handheld version have been released previously, most Monster Hunter fans are excited to see another game make it’s way onto a Nintendo platform. With the Monster Hunter fan base growing, this could be a surprise hit for E3 2017.

Online Service/Virtual Console


Whilst Nintendo’s latest reveal on the premium online service remaining free until 2018 there are only small details to now clarify on this including the worldwide price for the service, how the service will work and how the virtual console will work for players. If Nintendo were to include more than just NES titles in the classic games selection of their premium online service, this could also be a talking point. Let’s wait and see but expect at least some small details to be shared on this.

More New Games


Nintendo have been criticised in the past for not having a decent selection of games for some of it’s consoles but they seem to have rectified that for their Switch console. However, there are still some IP’s that haven’t been announced for Switch. This could be Nintendo’s perfect platform to announce a new Super Smash Bros, Pikmin, Luigi’s Mansion or Metroid Prime game and really show the competition that they are serious contenders in the this console war! There is a good chance that the only console I will be playing by the end of 2017 will be the Nintendo Switch if Nintendo play their cards right with their new game announcements.

SNES Mini…Maybe


We have good reason to think that the Snes Mini will be a thing. Microsoft may have leaked this information by including the console in one of their customer surveys with regards to E3 but it is still not 100% guaranteed to happen. Just taking a logical approach to this, it wouldn’t make sense to create a SNES Mini console to go alongside SNES virtual console support, potentially on Switch. We are likely to see one or the other at E3 and I know which one I would rather see, the Nintendo Switch virtual console support. If this does happen then expect a similar situation to the NES classic. Limited stock and only on the production line for approx 6 months.




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