E3 Predictions for PlayStation

PlayStation go into this year’s E3 in a position of comfort. With the PS4 reportedly outselling the Xbox One by 3 to 1 it should come at no surprise but what Sony will Sony do to strengthen this position of dominance? The exclusive games have been on point and new hardware such as PSVR and the PS4 Pro have helped Sony to get a head start in these new areas of technology but how do they truly build on this and make sure Microsoft do not out shine them at this year’s E3? Well, the simple answer is to continue to support their hardware with more awesome games, which appears to be exactly what’s on their agenda.

The Last Of Us: Part 2

Everyone is excited to see the return of Ellie in The Last of Us: Part 2

The Last Of Us: Part II was announced at the PlayStation Experience in December last year and has already got a huge group of people hyped to continue the story of Joel and Ellie in world that has been torn apart by zombies.  At E3, expect to see a nice, new trailer for this game, hopefully one that gives us just a little more of a clue as to how the story is going to develop but most importantly, confirms the release date. Here’s hoping the game will launch in 2017 but if I am being realistic, there is a good chance that this will launch in 2018!

God Of War

Kratos looks destined to return and may come sooner than you think!

At E3 last year, we saw a reveal for God Of War and since then game director, Cory Barlong, has confirmed the game is fully playable which means we could be expecting one last trailer and a release date at this year’s E3. Many are expecting this new God Of War game to be the next big exclusive from Sony, unless they have something else up their sleeve. We will have to wait and see but this looks to be Sony’s perfect opener to their conference this year!

More PlayStation VR Games

PlayStation need to give their VR hardware some additional support with more great games.

The one area that feels a little neglected since its launch is PlayStation VR and I would expect to see Sony showcase some very interesting games for this hardware as they continue to sell units to date. Hopefully, we will see some of the VR games from PC migrate to PlayStation, such as Rick and Morty: Vitrual Rick-ality,  but more so than anything else, Sony need more games like Farpoint and Resident Evil VII to add to their line up in order to make this a must buy for all hardcore PlayStation gamers. I can’t wait to see what they intend to show.

PS4 Pro Price Drop

The PS4 Pro will most likely become the cheapest way to play 4K games this E3.

As we all know, Microsoft will be focusing on their Project Scorpio console this E3, so how are Sony planning to combat this? Well, it seems very likely that Sony will drop the price of their PS4 Pro console to ensure people don’t turn their focus away from them. If not a life long price drop, expect to see a special offer price for the console for a limited time to ensure that gamers have a PlayStation in their living room, as opposed to an Xbox. Definitely the smart thing to do but if you are comparing consoles, like for like, then I can see people wanting to pay money for an Xbox if the hardware is significantly better but most importantly, if Microsoft show off a host of quality games for their new console. This is going to be an interesting battle!

A Surprise Announcement?

Could we witness a classic game making an appearance on PS4?

Whilst many expect most of Sony’s conference to largely consist of games many are speculating on a potential Sony surprise. My guess is that we will either see the return of a classic PlayStation game such as Spyro or Ape Escape. Or, and it’s a big or, a resurrection of the PS Vita or similar handheld console.

I personally would love to see Ape Escape to return as I loved the original and I know Spyro has a huge fan base which would definitely please many PlayStation fans but it feels like the time is now for Sony to re-enter the handheld market. With Nintendo as their only competition, at least for console gaming, Sony could tighten their stronghold across all of the gaming market if they can get it right! Can you imagine playing the new Last Of Us game on a handheld? Well, it’s probably not worth imagining right now since this is very unlikely to happen. Would you be interested in buying a Sony version of the Switch?


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