E3 Predictions for Xbox

I have been an Xbox fan for quite some time and although the brand has seen much hardship in the latest console war, it is fair to say that Microsoft’s gaming platform is poised to potentially steal the show at E3. The Xbox One is not a bad piece of kit but with Project Scorpio around the corner then will Xbox be able to take on PlayStation’s dominance and Nintendo’s resurgence in the market. One thing is for sure, they need more than just Project Scorpio to revitalise their former gaming audience that have now defected to PlayStation! Check out their conference on 11th June at 10pm BST, 2pm PST.

Project Scorpio


Deemed the most powerful console ever, this new hardware looks to take console gaming to a whole new level. The main feature of this console is playing games with 4K graphics which the console can do comfortably! In fact the console is so powerful that it looks to be able to handle some of the most graphically demanding games with relative ease, rivalling some top end PC’s. This is very exciting for console users but the price of this console could be what makes it and breaks it, not to mention Xbox will need the games to really sell this console. Could this also be an introduction to VR gaming on the new Xbox console?

We do expect to find out some details about Project Scorpio, after Microsoft released the specs of their console ahead of their conference on Sunday, including a release date, the final price and the name of the console at a minimum. Following some teasers shared by Xbox, there is speculation some of this information may have already been given to us with a release date of 13th October being touted around. Either way, we will find out all of the details of this console on Sunday, 11th June at 10pm BST, 2pm PST.

Phil Spencer has also come out and said that the Xbox conference will last longer than usual as they wanted to show off more games. If Xbox can show off a host of great games for this new console then PlayStation may just have something to think about. The ball is in your court Microsoft.

Forza 7

More of the same high octane racing fun from Forza 7

We already know Forza 7 is coming and has already been shown to work on a Project Scorpio console so expect to see more details about this racing game at the conference with a flashy trailer to go with it. As much as I like the Forza games there is nothing massively exciting about this game, especially since I am more of a fan of the Forza Horizon series, but mostly because this is expected from Microsoft. Every year there is a new Forza game so it would be more of a surprise if this wasn’t included.

Halo 6

Will we get a tiny glimpse of Halo 6 despite the Halo team not attending E3?

Microsoft has already confirmed that Halo 6 is not going to be attending E3 this year but I would be surprised if there is not even a teaser trailer shared at E3. We may not get to see much but it is sure to get the hype building for Halo fans. With improvements expected from the disappointingly underwhelming 5th installment including a more coherent story line and the resurrection of local multiplayer online, something that should have never been removed from the game! Here’s hoping there are some surprises for any potential Halo teasers too that will keep us guessing until the game gets some more airtime, probably later this year.

Sea of Thieves

Sea Of Thieves needs to hit the ground running at the Xbox E3 conference

Sea of Thieves was first introduced at E3 2016 and has since been on the Xbox Insider program for those who want to take to the seas now and help shape the future of the game. Whilst Rare may want to take it’s time with this IP, Microsoft will want to get some meaningful updates out for this game as this is one of their only new exclusive games that could help to bring players back onto the platform. We expect to hear news on upcoming plans for the games as well as more details surrounding a final release for the game. If you have been playing the technical alpha then keep one ear to the ground for this game, something big could be on its way.

Crackdown 3

The game that time forgot, Crackdown 3, could be a Project Scorpio reveal

Crackdown 3 is the other big game Microsoft look certain to deliver more details on. It has been a long time since we have heard anything meaningful regarding this game so expect to hear a launch date. Some rumors suggest this could be part of the Scorpio line up, which if it is will be a nice addition to Forza. Crackdown 3 certainly looks like it could be a fun game, especially for fans of the series, as the developers have entertained the idea that everything is destructible in the game to make this a truly chaotic game play experience. Only time will tell if that ends up being a good thing or not!

What Xbox Need To Do

Xbox need to introduce a top quality exclusive like Horizon: Zero Dawn has been for PlayStation

Microsoft have been playing catch up ever since the Xbox One launched in 2013 and now they have fallen significantly behind PlayStation, whilst they will be looking over their shoulder for Nintendo who have one of the fastest selling Nintendo consoles currently in the market. In order for Xbox to truly make waves in the market at E3 they need to deliver a strong line up of games, ideally Xbox exclusive games. Whilst I would love to see Xbox have their own Horizon Zero Dawn or Crash Bandicoot, it is hard to imagine that they will go down this route of strong exclusive games. Hopefully I will be proven wrong.

One other way that Xbox could become a more potent force would be to re-introduce their easy development platform that sparked the strong indie marketplace on the Xbox 360. If this were to return and there were a whole host of indie games constantly being made available then this could tilt the momentum in Microsoft’s favour. The only question mark about this strategy is, does it go hand in hand with the most powerful console in the world? Surely Mircosoft will focus on showing off a new list of AAA games for their 4k monster console. Either way, expectations are on Xbox to reveal something big here, so don’t disappoint us Phil Spencer!


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