Pokken Tournament Is Coming To Switch

Nintendo shares were on the rise again ahead of today’s Pokemon Direct update. Many will feel the updates themselves were underwhelming but there are some strong positives to take away from the briefing and something not just for 3DS players but also for Nintendo Switch players. These updates come a few days before Nintendo Spotlight at this year’s E3 so expect more big news to come!

Pokken Tournament On Switch


For anyone who didn’t own a Wii U, which is most of you I imagine considering the less than desirable sales stats, you will be glad that one of the consoles top brawlers is now on its way to Nintendo Switch. This game looks to combine Pokemon with Tekken to create impressive battles between your favourite monsters from the much loved Pokemon franchise.

The game received positive reviews when it launched for Wii U with some claiming it to be one of the best fighting games across all platforms, at the time. This will be a welcomed addition to the current line up of Switch releases this year and should appease anyone who is waiting for a Super Smash Bro’s Switch announcement (can’t just be me!).

Check out the trailer to see Pokken Tournament in action ahead of its release on 22nd September 2017!

More Pokemon Games On 3DS

The Pokemon updates didn’t end with Pokken tournament as new versions of Pokemon Sun and Moon were also announced. These will be completely new games, not expansions to the versions released last year and will contain different storyines. If you were a fan of Sun and Moon then this will great news for you as these games with be releasing on 17th November 2017.


It doesn’t end there either as Pokemon Gold and Silver will also be coming to the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console later this year and will join Pokemon Red and Blue in the classic games section! Whether you are a Pokemon fan from years ago or you are part of the new generation, this is an cool announcement for all Pokemon fans.


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  1. I’m tentatively excited about Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, and very excited about the virtual console versions of Gold and Silver! I love second gen and it will be so much fun to experience them again.

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