PSVR: Success Or Failure?

PSVR launched approx. 6 months ago and even though there is still limited stock in most high-street outlets suggesting the hardware has been a roaring success, there are still question marks over whether the VR technology has truly revolutionized console gaming or whether the figures are simply masking a failing technology. There is limited support from the larger third parties with game releases for the VR few and far between. Does the PSVR inevitably share the same fate as the PlayStation EyeToy?

Virtually No Support

Farpoint is the latest PSVR title to be released

The PSVR came out the blocks blazing with many places selling out within days of having stock but it is hard to understand why the PSVR has seen so much popularity considering there has been very little AAA game developed specifically for VR. Resident Evil 7 is probably the most noteworthy game to have released on PlayStation which supports VR in the past month, not to mention it tailors to quite a niche segment of the market. Farpoint has also released recently but this has received mixed reviews despite sellnig well and debuting at No.2 in the UK sales chart.

Despite some successful games, there are not many more VR games currently confirmed for release. Starblood Arena and Chess Ultra are hardly the titles that will entice me to shell out £350 on a VR headset. The VR games for PC are still rolling out with Rock and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality one of the highlights from the past month. So why has this slowed down for PlayStation?

Is PSVR Selling Well?

Is PSVR outselling it’s competitiors?

Considering the stock has been limited for PSVR, it is a likely outcome that the user base that have a VR headset is just so small that the AAA developers are just not ready to splash the cash to develop a game to such a small target audience. The hardware may have sold out at launch but I personally haven’t seen outlets restocking VR headsets since launch. Maybe that’s my pitfall rather than Sony’s but this give an unshakable impression that the PSVR is just not selling that well.

The theory above may be just that; a theory, as the numbers show that there is a larger number of people buying the PSVR than PC competitors such as the Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive. Since this is the case then it still begs the question, why are there not more games for the PSVR then?

Maybe E3?

The PlayStation conference at E3 could be a turning point

Many believe (myself included) that Sony will provide an update on the PSVR at their E3 conference in June. PlayStation have always done a great job teasing upcoming games and although the VR side of things won’t be their main focus, I can really see some more games coming with VR capabilities. Of course, many owners of the hardware will not be happy unless they start bringing out more games in the same ilk as Resident Evil 7. Surely it isn’t too hard to port an exisiting PC game to PlayStation 4 for use in VR?

It may be a little harsh to judge the PSVR hardware a failure or success based on 6 months in the market but to the same degree, if we were talking about a base consoles then some judgments would have been made earlier than 6 months in! I will definitely be keeping an eye on how PSVR develops over the next 6 months with high hopes that plenty more games will be made available. I need more reason to buy a headset Sony! The ball is in your court.


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