Can Activision Rebuild The Call Of Duty Reputation With COD WWII?

It looks like Activision have realised the errors of their ways as COD WWII looks to take the game back to its roots. It was a similar time last year I predicted that Infinite Warfare would not do very well and that Battlefield would dominate the FPS market and in a nutshell, that turned out to be the case. COD Infinite Warfare still sold many copies but by Activision’s standards, it was a very modest amount in comparison to sales in the heyday. The bottom line is that very few Call Of Duty players wanted the game to continue down the futuristic rabbit hole and revisit its roots of modern warfare. Finally, we have a game that promises to do all this!

Action Packed Trailer

The reveal trailer for COD WWII sure does leave an impression. It is refreshing to see the game return to traditional wartime but this release spells great news for anyone who has dearly missed the fast-paced action that Call Of Duty used to achieve so well. So what have we learnt since the release of this trailer:

  • The game centres around World War 2 (the title probably gave that away).
  • The campaign will focus on the 1st Airbourne Infantry as they make their way through France and Germany. Considering the campaign in Infinite Warfare was the game’s highlight. I have high hopes for another good campaign story in WWII.
  • The game play will focus on ‘boots on the ground’ combat and include classic weapons such as the SMG-44, Garand along with shotguns and LMG’s from the era.
  • Multiplayer will drop the futuristic mechanics and will be far more realistic. There will be a new games mode added called War that will involve a series of objective driven conflicts with more narrative driving the storyline.
  • Cod Zombies will see some changes, moving away from the classic experience and potentially becoming more squad and story based.

Is This Enough For Redemption?


All of the above will be music to the ears of the long term COD fans that have become disheartened with the more recent releases and I must say I fall into this category having never purchased Infinite Warfare but love the sound of WWII. However, my trust in Call Of Duty games have been seriously tarnished by recent releases and product activity.

One thing Activision did last year to try please everyone was continue in the futuristic setting but also remaster a classic COD game for those fans who enjoyed boots on the ground combat. Unfortunately, Activision missed a trick with this by only providing the remastered game as part of the Legendary Edition of Infinite Warfare prompting many to simply give up on buying the new COD game, including myself!

My dissatisfaction continued when Activision introduced supply drops to the Modern Warfare remaster which indicated they were more interested in getting the money from our pockets rather than providing gamers with the best experience. These money grabbing tactics were never including in the original Call Of Duty titles and whilst I appreciate they have become more prominent in modern games, this is not something I expected to see in a remaster of a game which many players will have paid over the odds to play on their latest consoles!

The last nail in the coffin for Activision, in my opinion, was the revelation that the map packs for Modern Warfare Remastered were releasing at a cost. Considering these map packs could have been purchased by a player years ago, Activision were happy to charge players for the same product, sometimes at a higher cost than the original!

Activision Will Have The Last Word


I may not have liked these changes in the Call Of Duty franchise but I can understand why Activision chose to follow these strategies. Despite their disastrous outing last year, Activision remain confident in COD WII. Activision Blizzard boss Bobby Kotick commented with the following:

“The reveal trailer has become the most liked video in Call of Duty history, and also now has the most organic views of any Call of Duty reveal trailer we’ve ever made. We also set a new high watermark with the views of the live stream. That’s both for Call of Duty and for Activision overall. And the livestream also was extremely positively received, with a 95 per cent like to dislike ratio.

“And then probably equally important as the positive indicators is the – that the negative social media sentiment, which you know we – was an issue last year, has virtually evaporated at about 0.2 per cent at reveal. So, I think, we’re going to have a great game. And I think we have the right game at the right time.”

Only time will tell if Activision truly have repaired the relationship with long term COD fans but they are definitely taking a step in the right direction. We will be watching every move from now until launch but I can help feeling excited that the COD I know and loved may return this November!


3 thoughts on “Can Activision Rebuild The Call Of Duty Reputation With COD WWII?

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  1. It’s a step in the right direction, certainly but I still fear they’ll make a mess of things. The graphics will be great, the campaign will be decent and the gameplay will be as flawless as we’ve come to expect, but it’s Activision, and that spells bad news.

    Micro-transactions. Activision are a huge fan of them, and why wouldn’t they be? They make more money than the game sales themselves, so from a business point of view, they have to be included. Thats where the past few titles have been let down, through the implementation off guns through ‘loot crates’ and ‘depot boxes’ or whatever the hell they’re called, the games have been ruined. Take Black Ops III for example, by putting money into the game, you had a much higher chance of bagging yourself one of the rarer, more powerful weapons. This is a pay-to-win mechanic and it has no lace in a competitive game. Similar with Modern Warfare Remastered, there are guns that easily out perform the originals that can be obtained through throwing money into the game. Fair enough, this time around you can still earn the guns by grinding, but people are always going to opt for the easy option of buying them outright with their own cash. The other day an update brought out guns that do additional damage for the first 5 rounds of a magazine, what’s that all about? It just ruins things.

    Apparently there will NOT be a season pass, or so I’ve heard. Whether that’s true, I’m not sure. But to me, this means that they’re already thinking about DLC and the game isn’t even out yet, why?

    Oh, it just boils my blood!

    Honestly, I hope the game is as great as it can be, I hope they go back to their roots and slow everything down. At it’s release, I’m sure it’ll be great, but its how Activision go from there, slowly tinkering and mess with things. I dont want any dabbing, pink or brightly coloured camo, silly outfits or calling cards. I just want a gritty, WW2 first person shooter that I can enjoy, not one that brings out all of this hatred.

    I’d have prefered a Call Of Duty 2 or 3 remake any day.

    Sorry for the rant, bud. You’ve really set me off here!


    1. You are clearly very passionate! And that is by no means a bad thing. I think we are all hoping for Call Of Duty WWII to bring the good times back to the game before microtransactions, pay to win and the other issues that are plaguing the recent releases. I will remain hopeful on this game until I see reason to switch off. I share your passion!

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