Darksiders 3 Revelaed

As with nearly every high profile release these days, details surrounding the game is leaked ahead of its planned announcement. Darksiders 3 is now the latest game to suffer this same fate as images and details around an upcoming Darksiders 3 game have been temporarily released on Amazon. The listing was quickly taken down but the release has now been confirmed and this is what we know!

Absolutely Fury-ous


The latest Darksiders game will continue to place you as one of the Four Horseman as you try to restore balance between good and evil on Earth. This time, you will play as Fury, a whip wielding mage. Looks like this Darksiders game will be one of the more interesting when it comes to combat then! Fury will have various forms that will open up new weapons and abilities with your ultimate goal to defeat the seven Deadly Sins and their underlings. Looks set to follow in the footsteps of its predecessors and I can’t wait!

The game showed a placeholder date of the 31 December 2018 on its Amazon listing and looks set to release for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.


A more detailed look at the new Darksiders game can be found in the new trailer!


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