Rocket League Dropshot Launches 22nd March

I have sunk many hours into Rocket League. So many brain dead hours chasing a ball in a small rocket powered car whilst honing my skills and moving up the ranks. Eventually I got to a point where I felt like I had done everything I could in the game, so I hung up my controller and retired from the game. Now Psyonix look to drag me back in with the release of a new, free game mode! Enter Dropshot!

Dropshot Incoming!


All preceding Rocket League game modes have been takes on real and conventional sports, whether it is football (or if you’re American, soccer), basketball or ice hockey. Dropshot has veered away from this system by reinventing the way you will play Rocket League. Although this game mode was inspired by volleyball it has evolved into a completely new and unique game mode. No longer will there be a static goal either end of an arena in which you need to hit the ball. Instead players will play in a hexagonal arena whereby the aim it to hit the ball into the ground on your opponent’s side of the arena. By hitting the ground in the same spot twice you will open up a goal for your team to score in.

So in other words, to score a goal you must damage the floor with one hit and open a goal with the second hit. You can prevent the ball damaging your side of the arena by ensuring the ball does not make contact with the floor. This sounds like a difficult challenge to keep repeating but thankfully the floor damage will reset for the conceding team only when a goal is scored. This gives the conceding team have a chance to catch up quickly after letting in a goal. Hopefully this will result in a nice frantic balance to the game mode.


One other big change with game mode will be the exclusion of boost pickups. In a game mode where hitting the ball into the ground, you would think boost will be a huge requirement! Well it is and Psyonix have implemented a new way to accumulate boost. Over time you boost will build up allowing you to fly across the arena for the duration of your game but obviously, you will need to be mindful of when you and any other player in the game use boost since this may be the difference between taking a shot on goal or saving your team from conceding a goal.

Dropshot Extras Dropping Alongside


Dropshot will become available on 22nd March but it will not be launched on its own. Thankfully, players will see six new Dropshot specific achievements/trophies, a new car called Endo, Seasonal Easter items and an ‘Esports Live Now’ button added to the game when Dropshot launches. If there was ever a reason to ‘drop’ back into Rocket League (if you ever left it in the first place) then now is the perfect time to ‘drop’ by! Ok I’ll stop the puns now.

Take a look at the trailer and see you in the arena on 22nd March:


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