Monthly Free Games in March 2017

Better late than never! You may already know what the free games are for March considering this post comes a week after the beginning of the month but if you have been too busy with the Nintendo Switch release or playing your way through Horizon Zero Dawn then you may find this to be ground-breaking news. Wishful thinking, maybe! Check out what games are free for your console this month and when you can download them below.

Layers of Fear

Platforms: Xbox One

Layers of Fear is a psychedelic horror game that focus on an insane painter working in an old Victorian style house. As you venture through the house you soon have to deal with hallucinations which make you question whether you did really just see something down that hallway or was this all one big trip. Consisting on a genuinely scary story to uncover, the most hardcore horror game enthusiasts should play this as it will stack up to the Silent Hill games of old! The strong narrative is what makes this walking simulator worthwhile so download it for free whilst you can. Available from 1st March – 31st March.

IGN Score: 5.8/10
Metacritic Score: 75%
Gamespot Score: 7/10

Evolve: Ultimate Edition

Platforms: Xbox One

Evolve spurred on much excitement for a game that came across as new and inventive but since its release it has not been as successful as first anticipated. Evolve is not a bad game by any stretch of the imagination as the thrill of the hunt is definitely a good reason to play the game but since this is a 4v1 multiplayer game at heart, it can become quite stale if you are constantly playing with randomers as opposed to your friends. If you and a group of your friends have been searching for a new multiplayer game then this may suffice as the intensity of 4 tiny people taking on a giant beast is a genuinely enjoyable feat which will get you playing round after round! Available from 16th March.

IGN Score: 9/10
Metacritic Score: 76%
Gamespot Score: 8/10

Borderlands 2

Platforms: Xbox 360, Xbox One

Borderlands 2 is a must try shooter that combines RPG with a humorous narrative to create a seriously enjoyable game! This is also a game that can be played in split screen multiplayer so invite a friend round and battle enemies and level up together. There are some some annoyances with the game as loot within the game must be shared amongst all players but this is easily overlooked since the rest of the game is so good! Level up in single player or multiplayer and learn skills that bring about fun game play mechanics; the journey through Pandora will be the best thing you do this month! Available from 1st March – 31st March.

IGN Score: 9/10
Metacritic Score: 89%
Gamespot Score: 8.5/10

Heavy Weapon


Platforms: Xbox 360, Xbox One

Heavy Weapon is a side scrolling throwback to old arcade games in a similar vein to Streets of Rage or, a personal favourite of mine, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Arcade Game! With this concept in mind you control a tank that is hit with waves of aircrafts hell bent on destroying your vehicle! There is not much more to the game than this but bear in mind that with each upgrade, the levels become more chaotic and with ultimate abilities such as the Atomic Bomb, there is plenty of scope to rain down huge amounts of damage. This simple but fun concept is proven and if you just want some mindless fun then this game will definitely deliver that. Download this game from 16th March!

IGN Score: 7.3/10
Metacritic Score: 77%
Gamespot Score: 7.9/10

Tearaway Unfolded

Platforms: PS4

Tearaway Unfolded is one of the most original platformers I have ever played! The art style and story line is so far from stereotypical it almost makes it worth while playing through just for that. However, the game is backed up with fun use of the touch pad on the Dualshock controllers and a challenging puzzles to solve. Sometimes there will be fits of laughter from just trying to draw your best crown! If you are a fan of any platforming game then this should not be missed under any circumstances. I cannot recommend this game enough. Available from 7th March.

IGN Score: 7.6/10
Metacritic Score: 81%
Gamespot Score: 8/10

Disc Jam

Platforms: PS4

Disc Jam is a completely new game that combines the rules of tennis with the physics of frisbee. Touted as a ‘new Rocket League’ it could be compared as this game pits 2-4 players against each other in a multiplayer battle arena but most of the similarity is due to the fact that game has been included as a PlayStation Plus free game. With little to no experience with the game since it enters the gaming world as a free game, it’s anyone’s guess as to whether this game will become a mainstay in my gaming collection or a short lived but fun pit stop before the next game takes my attention away. I would say this is worth downloading in the hope it is as addictive as Rocket League but don’t hold your breath! Available from 7th March.

No Review Scores Available


Platforms: PS4, PS Vita

Lumo is a interesting little isometric puzzle game that reignites retro games of old. The concept is not dissimilar to that of Head Over Heels as your must get your character to the exit door in your room, making your way across a number of puzzles that becoming increasingly more difficult as you progress. You will require additional abilities to solve some of these puzzles and this ensures the game remains fun to play. If you are a problem solver at heart then Lumo will be your perfect game this month. Download for free from 7th March.

Earth Defense Force 2025

Platforms: PS3

After watching the trailer above I was no closer to finding out what Earth Defense Force 2025 was all about. Something tells me that the developers weren’t even 100% sure what they were producing. A comedy spoof reel or a video game? Either way, after some additional research I can confirm this is a game about saving humanity from the attack of giant bugs. You have control over how the bugs are destroyed and the over the top killing methods will no doubt be fun for the first few times you play this game. Use lasers or nuclear bombs and watch the limbs fly! Unfortunately, this does not look like the type of game to hold my attention long term and for those reasons I would only recommend this if you fancy killing more time than bugs! Available from 7th March.

IGN Score: 6.5/10
Metacritic Score: 69%
Gamespot Score: 6/10

Under Night: In-Birth

Platforms: PS3

Under Night: In-Birth is an anime styled fighting game with your standard game modes included. There is not too much to say about this game other than, despite the confusing game title, there is a strong fighting game hidden underneath with an emphasis on strategic game play as opposed to button bashing or combo spamming. It may be aimed at a niche market but if you still own a PS3 and you’re an anime fan then you have no excuses! Try this game, you will probably find that you quite enjoy it! Available from 7th March.

IGN Score: N/A
Metacritic Score: 80%
Destructiod Score: 9/10


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