Ghost Recon Wildlands Beta Now Available

Ubisoft have been releasing a host new games recently with each one of them including a closed and open beta period for players to try. Ghost Recon Wildlands is not different as the closed beta occurred at the beginning of this month and now it’s time to get stuck into the open beta, which launches today might I add! With mixed results for previous products, Steep and For Honor respectively, find out why you should be trying the open beta for Ghost Recon Wildlands.

Why Play The Ghost Recon Wildlands Beta?

This game is largely a stealth game and this may not suit everyone but it is a great sign for Ghost Recon that Sniper Elite 4 has made it to number 2 in the UK charts this week with a very similar playing style. At least this comparison gives you an idea of whether this game is for you but there are some important things to highlight.

Ghost Recon Wildlands is a multiplayer, open world game. Think, your standard Far Cry game but with your friends involved. Strange that both are from Ubisoft (I think not!). With one objective, you must explore the 2 of the 21 provinces that make up this giant map and take down the Cartel. Simple concept but with free choice to effectively do what you want then this makes this game somewhat unique. With stealth your strongpoint you will want to silently take over various camps from the Cartel and regain control of your virtual world.

With plenty of quality sneak tactics but also plenty of guns and explosives there is something for every action/stealth fan!

When Does The Beta End?

The beta runs from the 23rd February to 27th February across all major platforms. By participating in the open beta players will also be able to access the exclusive ‘Unidad Conspiracy’ mission before 31st March in the full game release which is all the more reason to try out this beta.


If you are planning on trying out the beta then you will be glad to hear it will support the 4 player co-op experience so make sure you invite your friends to try the beta and make the most of the open world together!

If you decide that you must have the game after trying the beta then you will be glad to hear that the full game will release on 7th March on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.


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