Ultimate Chicken Horse is coming to consoles!

In 2016, we saw the rise of local co-op games and 2017 looks to be continuing this trend as Ultimate Chicken Horse is set to arrive on consoles. This game has an amazingly original concept where players must build a custom assault course that becomes harder as players add their own obstacles each round. Sounds simple but you couldn’t be more wrong. If you have been looking for more local co-op games then check out the trailer below!

Ultimate Chicken Horse In Action

As you can see from the trailer there is a high potential for chaos which is a must have ingredient for local multiplayer games nowadays but there is two pieces of good news to go along with this console announcement:

It’s coming to Nintendo Switch

Whenever a games company announces a game is coming to console, it is pretty safe to assume that means PS4 and Xbox One but if you are one of those people who have pre-ordered the Nintendo Switch then you will be able to purchase this game for your new console when it releases in Q3 2017!

Considering how much emphasis has been put on the multiplayer aspect of the Nintendo Switch then this could be the ultimate console for Ultimate Chicken Horse, as long as the console becomes a success when it launches in March 2017. There is a good chance that my Switch purchase will happen by the end of the year so let’s just say this is penciled in as a must have Switch purchase.

Free Play Mode will be added

The developers of the game, Clever Endeavour Games, are promising to make this game even better by effectively adding a sandbox mode where players can freely create their own levels! This sounds like something that should have already been in the game and you would be right to think so but at least we know that when the game is available for consoles, it will be the most complete Ultimate Chicken Horse experience available. PC players will also get this game mode at the same time so no one loses out. I love it when a plan comes together!

With a crazy and memorable name like Ultimate Chicken Horse and possibly some of the most addicting game play then I tout this game for great success before the end of the year. Keep your eyes peeled for this and come back and thank me later!



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