Monthly Free Games in February 2017

After a fairly disappointing January for the monthly free games from Microsoft and Sony we are treated to a better selection of free games this month on both platforms. There may be a tense rivalry between both companies but this month they are going toe to toe and matching each other blow for blow. Find out which games you should download this month.

Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime

Platforms: Xbox One

Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime looks like an incredibly fun indie game. If you have been a fan of the recent surge in couch coop games then this fits the same mould perfectly. Up to four players can play on the same screen and protect their oddly shaped spaceship as they travel through colourful levels that look liked they were designed by someone who is clutching desperately to the 70s! That is not to say this game is in anyway hindered by this but in actual fact delivers a fairly unique coop experience that is frantic and fun, which is seemingly the secret formula to success for these great coop, indie titles. Download this game for free from 1st Feb – 15th Feb!

IGN Score: 8.5/10
Metacritic Score: 82%
Gamespot Score: N/A

Project Cars

Platforms: Xbox One

Project Cars is a racing simulator that is almost the perfect halfway house for fans of arcade racing games akin to the Forza Horizon series and driving simulation games like Assetto Corsa. There is plenty to enjoy here and if you are a fan of racing games then there has never been a better time to try Project Cars as the second instalment is on its way but with no confirmed release date. This racing game has grown tremendously since it was first released and delivers a solid racing experience. Given its free price tag it would be insane for any gear-head to pass up the opportunity to try a new racing experience. Download this games from 16th Feb on your Xbox One console!

IGN Score: 8.9/10
Metacritic Score: 83%
Gamespot Score: 8/10

Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge

Platforms: Xbox 360, Xbox One

It’s not that long ago that another Monkey Island game was available as part of the Games With Gold offering and now you have the opportunity to download another Monkey Island game. Who knows, you may end up getting another Monkey Island game in a couple of months too! Either way, Monkey Island 2 is a strong adventure game with plenty of puzzle solving. It may not be a ground breaking game play and in some ways, not they type of game you will replay but there is enjoyment to be had here, especially if you are a fan of puzzle games! Download for free from 1st Feb – 15th Feb!

IGN Score: 8.9/10
Metacritic Score: 87%
Gamespot Score: 8/10

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Platforms: Xbox 360, Xbox One

With so many Star Wars games now available across a multitude of video games consoles ranging for the retro era to modern day consoles, it is hard to see how Star Wars: The Force Unleashed offers anything that you don’t already get in other games. The story is the best part of this game but all the major Star Wars fans will no doubt have played through numerous games with the same Star Wars story intertwined so where is the fun. The battles can be tedious and unenjoyable and then you’re in no better situation than watching the films, except you are probably going to get bored quickly. I would recommend you go back to Star Wars Battlefront or any other Stars Wars game then dedicate hours into this game.

IGN Score: 7.3/10
Metacritic Score: 73%
Gamespot Score: 7/10

Little Big Planet 3

Platforms: PS4

Little Big Planet has been a long standing flagship for PlayStation. I remember spending a fair amount of time in a local HMV store playing the original game on one of their consoles. This platformer is a great co-op game that can be enjoyed by gamers of all ages. With some tricky puzzles included in the game, some of which demand you play with a friend then you will find yourself playing for hours and hours. This third game may not be quite as highly regarded as the first two games in the series but there is still fun to be had playing this game. Fans of Crash Bandicoot should download and play this game! Expected to be available from 7th Feb on the PlayStation store.

IGN Score: 6.8/10
Metacritic Score: 79%
Gamespot Score: 7/10

Not A Hero

Platforms: PS4

Not A Hero is a third person, platforming, shooter game which reminds me of Bonanza Bros from the Sega Genesis era. The graphics are reminiscent but not representative and the game play follows suit. Not a Hero also attempts to add some humour to the game play as you play a hired gun man who must save the world by making sure his political leader, Bunnylord, is elected president by the end of the month. Make sense? Of course it does. The levels may be short as you shoot your way through various enemies at a fast pace but there is enough here to make this game a great indie title to pass the time. Pick up this game from the PlayStation store for free from approx. 7th Feb!

IGN Score: N/A
Metacritic Score: 74%
Gamespot Score: 7/10


Platforms: PS3, PS4

Starwhal is not your standar4d game. First off, you control a Narwhal with a big heart and a big horn. You must use your horn to damage the hearts of the Narwhal players. This is the game in a nutshell but it is clear from this simplified description that this game is better suited to local multiplayer games. Download this game if you are having some friends round but otherwise this game gets very stale, very quickly! Download this game from the PlayStation store from 7th Feb.

IGN Score: N/A
Metacritic Score: 78%
Gamespot Score: N/A

Anna Extended Edition

Platforms: PS3

Anna extended is a puzzle game based around a psychological horror narrative. You play a man who has amnesia and returns to his hometown to find out more about his missing memories. By solving these puzzles you unlock more of the story but some of these puzzles are incredibly difficult to solve and this remove you from the game play experience and introduce you to the mild annoyance phase. The story was critically acclaimed by some but on the whole the game review were wildly mixed which means this game is a 50/50. There’s a good chance you will hate it or there is a good chance the story will spur you on to the end. Only way to find out is to download the game on 7th Feb.

IGN Score: 5.5/10
Metacritic Score: 75%
Gamespot Score: N/A


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