Resident Evil 7 Tops The Charts

January is usually a quiet time for new video game releases but 2017 has started off with a bang after Resident Evil 7 released last week. The reception to this game has been very good with this instalment ranking third in the best-ever Resident Evil debuts! Many of the big Youtuber’s have jumped on this game and created series showcasing just why this game is so popular. With plenty of scares and suspense, this truly is a return to greatness for the Resident Evil franchise, further evidenced by the fact it is top in the UK Chart and topping charts across the world!

A New Direction

There could be things lurking behind every door in RE7

If you were a fan of the original Resident Evil games then you will soon find out that Resident Evil 7 takes a different approach to game play. It has moved away from the strong action orientation and has moved to a more atmospheric horror style game. You could draw comparisons to Outlast and Five Nights At Freddy’s for the games execution but Resident Evil 7 still clings to its roots by delivering a balance of suspense horror with jump scares and thrilling action based fear! Whatever you think about the sound of this formula and whether it should be the traditional Resident Evil structure, it is hard to argue that this game is not a great horror game.

Part of the reason for this switch could be Capcom’s intention to make the most out of VR for this title. Horror games, in particular, lend themselves towards a great VR experience (if it is not too traumatising for you!) and so it made sense to update the Resident Evil mould to fit this new genre of VR-ready horror games. The question is, to what extent has that resonated with the gaming public?

More VR Titles Please?

Walking down a hallway has never been as intense as when you are playing using VR

Resident Evil 7 has helped bring VR games into the fray a little. Considering the game has been played by over 920k people across the globe for all gaming platforms, then it is even more impressive that 10% of these players have been playing in virtual reality!

These stats show that VR titles do have a place in the market and it will be music to Sony’s ears as they continue to try and push their PSVR headset. The problem there lies in what upcoming VR titles even come close to Resident Evil? Star Trek: Bridge Crew is the only upcoming VR title listed on the Playstation store which says leap and bounds about how this new technology is not being sufficiently supported on console. Something about that needs to change pretty quickly and maybe Resident Evil’s success will be the catalyst for change here.


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