INSIDE, Limbo Developer Teases New Project

Developers of INSIDE and Limbo, Playdead, have sent gamers into a frenzy by teasing the follow up their hugely popular games roster so far. Since both of their previous two games have received critical acclaim it is no surprise that the expectation on Playdead’s new venture are extremely lofty! At this stage, it would be unfair to draw conclusions about the quality of the game based on one image but it is certain that everyone will be watching intently for more updates over the course of this year.

Spacing Out


The image above was teased via Playdead’s Twitter account and the studio also sent out the following message:

“Thanks for your warm reception of Inside. Since release, Playdead founder Arnt Jensen and the team have been working on the next adventure.”

Many are speculating what the story line will revolve around but one thing is for sure based on the teaser image, it will have the same dark undertones as Limbo and INSIDE, which will excite many fans of those games. Although we cannot guarantee anything based on this one screen, it would appear the game will be based on an astronaut exploring a dark new planet. It is anyone’s guess as to what is flying through the sky though!

If you have not had a chance to play Limbo or INSIDE then now is the time to get your teeth stuck into those games so you can jump aboard the hype train for this next release!


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