Is Gang Beasts Still Coming To PS4 in 2017?

UPDATE 5th MAY 2017: Getting any updates on a new release date for Gang Beasts on PS4 is not too dissimilar to trying to get blood from a stone! In fact, I think getting blood from a stone may even be a painless experience in comparison. What little information Boneloaf have provided on Gang Beast for PS4 does not come across massively positive, however no official communication has been shared on the subject with the latest news coming in the form of a Twitter response:


Reading between the lines, the response would suggest a 2017 release is potentially not on the cards. This may be over dramatized but if this does end up being the case then it will be one of the most shambolic releases I have ever seen.

Boneloaf may not have confirmed anything regarding the PS4 release but they have confirmed they will not be developing an Xbox One version and are investigating the possibility of a Switch port. Who knows, you may be able to play Gang Beasts on your Switch before it releases on PS4 at this rate! It may be time to purchase a Switch.

UPDATE 27th MARCH 2017: It looks like developers of Gang Beasts, Boneloaf, have confirmed on Twitter that the game will no longer release in Q1, with Q2 a more likely target:


So far, there has been no official confirmation but this is enoughof an indication that we should not be seeing the game before the end of the month. Updates to follow once they have been confirmed by Boneloaf.

ORIGINAL POST: Gang Beasts is coming to PS4! This will probably not be new information considering this was first announced at the Playstation Experience in 2014 but, somehow, I missed that announcement. The result of my lack of research is that of a giddy child on copious amounts of sugar! So when is this fun brawler likley to arrive on PS4?

PS4 Release Date


There could have been a happy surprise for my ignorance to the public knowledge that Gang Beasts will be released on PS4 as the original intention for the developers, Boneloaf, was to release the game before Christmas last year. Unfortunately, this was not possible as the game still required some modifications and has since been pushed back.

Thankfully this will not curb my enthusiasm for the game since the excitement build up for this game has been all of 1 day so to wait another month or two is a small price to pay for being a little ditzy. The good news is that the developers are working hard on getting a PS4 version live as soon as possible with a release date expected to occur in Q1 of 2017. And if we are super lucky, we could be playing Gang Beasts on our console as soon as this month!

Are you going to buy Gang Beasts? If you need some encourage then I urge you to watch the many Youtube videos of this game and tell me you don’t want to batter your friends!


3 thoughts on “Is Gang Beasts Still Coming To PS4 in 2017?

  1. it still might not, don’t get your hopes up anyway. this game will most probably be forgotten about by the time they get around to having it finished.


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