Titanfall 2 Review

Platforms: Xbox One, PS4, PC

The end of year sales for 2016 was not the same as the sales from previous years, especially for Respawn’s latest shooter, Titanfall 2. Most AAA titles fell short of their expected sales targets including Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Watch Dog 2 but does this drop in sales reflect the true quality of games that have been released in the latter part of this year. The shining light amongst all of these titles has to be Titanfall 2 as this game could be described as the best FPS this year in its own right!

What’s New In Titanfall 2?

The original Titanfall was hugely enjoyable as was one of the first FPS games to introduce parkour movements with your standard shooter mechanics but it’s combination of the above with huge titan mechs that has made this franchie one of the most original shooters of the recent era.

Jump in your titan and take to the battlefield

The formula for its second installment has not changed but there have been some much needed additons to the game that has taken this game up a notch. Titanfall was criticised for its lack of a single player campaign so Respawn added a tense and exhilarating campaign to the latest game. This will add another 5 hours onto your game play experience and I can guarantee you will enjoy every moment of it. You may not necessarily buy the game for its single player campaign but the game cannot be criticised for the same reasons as before with this essential addition.

Multiplayer Mayhem

The multiplayer modes are the shining light for this game. Standard multiplayer modes return in this game with team death match, also known as Attrition, and Last Titan Standing making glorious returns. However, it is the new game modes, such as Skirmish, that help to increase the variety in which you can enjoy this game. Play with AI, without AI, with titans, without titans, with friends, without friends and so on.

Titanfall 2’s multiplayer game modes are much improved.

The most exciting inclusion in the multiplayer is the now permanent game mode, Marked For Death which really adds a great dynamic to the game. This game mode is the same as a king of the hill or regicide game mode but fits perfectly into the Titanfall roster. The challenge of taking out one of the pilots in the lobby can be a quick job should you be in the right place at the right time or can also be much more difficult if the player is in a Titan and holding the fort. In short, Titanfall 2’s multiplayer finally feels like a complete experience with all the essential games modes for every type of player adding many hours of game play when compared to a bare bones experience from the original game!

Leveling Up

Aside from the game modes the multiplayer leveling system seems to have evolved as the unlocks appear more meaningful with more titans to choose from and a greater range of perks to replace the old burn card system.

Titanfall 2 introduced a more sophisticated load out system.

Much like the original Call Of Duty games, each time you unlock new weapons or perks you will want to try them out on the battlefield. Some may not seem worth while but there is plenty of strategy now in the game with the addition of these extra perks. Set up to battle pilots head to head or to take down enemy titans with more balanc throughout the entire game. This is a game with truly customisable load outs which have not been seen in a recent FPS. This will keep you coming back, round after round, as the unlocks have a special touch to them!

Social Networking

If you are a social gamer then the new network feature in multiplayer games will be a great addition. Create groups of players where you can head into battle as a team and invite other players to join your custom made games. This dynamic way to create lobbies to fit your playing style is a fine addition to a game where the multiplayer is the highlight.

Networks allow players to find multiplayer lobbies that suit their playing style.

It is clear to see that Respawn and EA have both listened to the feedback from the first game, rectified the most important areas and greatly improved on some others that were only bug bears.

The Verdict

Titanfall 2 is probably the most improved shooter this year but there is a very strong case to say this is the best shooter of the year. It most likely won’t take that title away from Overwatch for 2016 but there is no way this game should be ignored as a result. If you have been disenchanted with the recent sleuth of FPS games that have fallen below expectations then make sure you play Titanfall 2, the first serious FPS game in recent years to not disappoint.

TJSimpsonz Score: 8.5/10


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