Nintendo Switch Reveal Set for 13th January

Now that the end of year release schedule has all but ended we look forward to first console out the pits next year, the Nintnedo Switch. Now many people have questions about how this console will work, how well will it run games, etc and it looks like Nintendo is set to give us some answers ahead of its scheduled release in March 2017.

Switch On Your Alarm

Depending on where you are in the world you may want to get an alarm ready so you are awake to hear the latest news on Nintendo’s newest console. In the UK, the presentation will begin at 4am which translates to 5am for mainland Europe. If you’re based in America then some of you may have to stay up later than usual as the presentation will start at 23.00 EST.

What should you expect from this presentation? Well for those of you that missed the live performance of the Switch on Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show you are already one step behind. We have already seen the Nintendo Switch in action and got to see some more game play footage of the upcoming Zelda game. Now we want to find out the specs of the unit and what this device will truly be capable of.

Nintendo Switch Features

The console will be a hybrid between the standard console and portable gaming device, will use cartridges and have customisable controller accessories, all of this became apparent after watching the reveal trailer.

We have all but confirmed the Nintendo Switch is fitted with a custom built Nvidia Tegra X1 and a processing unit based on second generation Maxwell technology. It is unknown what customisations Nintendo has added to the X1 but that may be part of the reason why this unit can adjust its power depending on whether the unit is docked or being used on the go. All we know is there is some very clever technology inside this console but don’t go expecting the power of a Xbox or Playstation.

VR Speculations

Much has been made of the latest Nintendo patent which lists a host of potential new features for the Nintendo Switch that may well be confirmed in January. The list includes:

  • Multi-touch Screen
  • SD slot
  • Share button
  • Near Field Communication (NFC) support –e.g. Amiibo and Skylanders


The most exciting thing to come from this patent, however, is the rumoured compatibility with VR as the patent included a diagram of a peripheral that looked remarkably like the Samsung’s Gear VR. If Nintendo open up the possibility of using VR, especially if it comes in at a cheaper cost than the PS VR then this could be a big draw for many gamers who wanted to try out VR. There would be question marks over how well Nintendo would be able to pull off the VR experience given the hardware that is in the console but here’s hoping we will be pleasantly surprised come January at the reveal presentation.

One thing is for sure, Nintendo could be revealing the most exciting gaming experience in 2017 unless Microsoft’s Project Scorpio comes out fighting. Starting to wish 2017 would hurry up!


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