Feist Arrives on Console Today

Edit: The PS4 version of Feist for Europe has been delayed until 16th December for unknown reasons.

Physics-based platformer, Feist will launch on Xbox One and Playstation 4 today after being released for PC in July 2015. As the number of side scrolling platformers from indie developers appears to be growing we take a look at Feist and compare it to some of the best indie side scrollers from 2016.

What is Feist?

Feist is an incredibly tense platformer developed by Bits & Beasts which looks and feels very reminiscent of both popular Playdead games, Limbo and INSIDE. Despite the visual similarities, it is fair to say the game play is unique as it moves away from the puzzle solving core of the latter and focuses more closely on arcade action and clever AI’s.

Since the game launched on PC it has received stellar reviews and won awards for its originality including the Best Overall Game at the Unity Awards. Much like it’s aesthetic brother INSIDE, Feist delivers an unrivaled experience in the indie game arena and its entry into the console world is like Christmas come early!


If there was ever a pitch for Feist it would be:

‘The art style of Limbo and INSIDE mixed with the fast paced game play of Spelunky topped with a soundtrack reminiscent of Ori And The Blind Forest’

If this pitch sounds like your type of game then make sure you download it for Xbox or Playstation today and enjoy the mayhem as it unfolds.


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