Nintendo Switch: 5 Games That Need GameCube Virtual Console Support

Nintendo announced on Wednesday that they will be adding GameCube virtual console support for the Nintendo Switch. This presents a great opportunity to play some classic Nintendo games without the need for outdated hardware or third party emulation with the added bonus of potentially playing these games on the go! Three GameCube games are already rumoured to release as part of this GameCube VC support including Super Mario Sunshine, Super Smash Bros. Melee and Luigi’s Mansion. All of these games are welcomed additions but let’s take a look at what other GameCube games should be included for the Nintendo Switch.

Metroid Prime


Metroid Prime is regarded as one of the best GameCube games to be released for the console. It could be hailed as Nintendo’s Halo equivalent as it takes on some similar themes but journeying through space as Samus was an unrivaled experience when this game released that can even stand up to today’s modern shooters. Unfortunately, the magic from this game has failed to be captured in recent iterations of the Metroid series making it the perfect candidate for the Nintendo Switch. A remaster of this game would not go a miss either but I would settle for a VC version.

Viewtiful Joe


Viewtiful Joe felt like a colourful Streets of Rage with a main character looked like a wrestler, superhero hybrid. This side scroller showcased some impressive, cartoon style graphics and the action in the game was beautifully portrayed and reminded me of classic beat em ups such as Street Fighter. When you look at Viewtiful Joe, there aren’t many games that you could draw direct comparisons to and that is one of the main reasons why I would love to see this game resurrected. There may be rumours of Capcom revisiting old game series and maybe Viewtiful Joe will be one of them which is great news and the only way to appease our excitement would be to give us the original for the Switch to keep us happy! Nintendo, you know it’s the right thing to do!

F-Zero GX


With the news that Sony are remastering Wipeout, Nintendo could disrupt the hype around that announcement by announcing F-Zero GX is coming to their new console! This game was a lot of fun and a great classic, couch co-op game which has not been replicated in recent years for our current gen consoles. Arcade racing games like F-Zero GX  seem to have been left behind when gamers moved onto newer consoles and its such a shame since this game was incredibly fun. Whether it is remastered or the original game I would happily spend hours playing this cult classic, especially if I can take it on the go. Perfect game for travelling on the train!



Pikmin was critically acclaimed when it released for its originality but the game itself was a lot of fun. As you take control of a lost space man, you discover a new life form who endeavor to help you get home by solving puzzles and battling strange creatures. Each level played out as a day in this hostile environment and it was great fun exploring new parts of the world and learning about the Pikmin who were helping you. Despite Pikmin making an appearance for Wii U it has not quite lived up to the reputation of the original. Therefore it would be great to be able to relive this special game on a current gen console. Make it happen, Nintendo!

Timesplitters 2


Timesplitters 2 was not a GameCube exclusive but I fondly remember playing this game on that console. My favourite character was the monkey purely because he was a monkey! Although dated as a shooter, the multiplayer in this game was addictive. If the multiplayer was available on the Switch and in an ideal situation was available as an online multiplayer game then I would happily make friends with strangers just to play this game. This may be the most unlikely but I’m hoping as this could fit into the underlying esports theme for the Switch. Fingers crossed!

Disclaimer: Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker would have made the list but it seems more likely that the HD version of this game for Wii U would be ported for the Switch console. Here’s hoping as I appreciate this game has a respectable cult following!


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