Gigantic Open Beta available now for Xbox and PC

Xbox and Windows PC users will be happy to see a new MOBA shooter game has become available for their console today. With the success of Overwatch and the recent appearance of the scarily similar Paladins, there was a worry this MOBA shooter genre could soon become saturated with knock off versions of the same game. Much like Minecraft fans are inundated with different blocky, sandbox games appearing like wildfire, most of whom are just cashing in on the latest popular genre. Luckily, the trailer for Gigantic looks like an improvement to Overwatch in some ways and shows great potential as a new MOBA IP.

What is Gigantic?

The open beta for Gigantic is available today for free via Xbox’s Preview Program for both Xbox One and Windows 10 PC’s. The game involves a 5v5 team based battle where scoring points allows you to request help from your allied beasts. It may sound like a re-skinned adaption of the Overwatch formula but there looks to be significant difference in how these special abilities will be executed in-game.


Players will also have the option to buy the founders pack to unlock all 16 characters, gain early access to 4 upcoming heroes, acquire limited edition skins and receive a Founder’s status icon for your gamer profile. This is optional as players will be able to access these bonuses for free from playing the game and earning in game currency to buy these perks.

Take a look at the launch trailer below and try out this game this weekend!


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