Monthly Free Games in December

It may not be a competition for Microsoft and Sony when it comes to their free games offerings each month but one of them has definitely won this month. Xbox Games With Gold is looking far more appealing this December whilst Playstation Plus free games looks more than underwhelming. Find out which games you should definitely get before the end of the year and which ones will be at your own risk!

Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition (Xbox One)

Sleeping Dogs may appear like a poor man’s Grand Theft Auto but there is much about this game which rivals other open world, action games. There is a great story in this game, a lot of action and combat and has some pretty good driving game play included too. This may not have all the bells and whistles as its Rockstar counterpart but will definitely fill a void for those waiting for GTA VI. A good start to the Xbox Games with Gold package!

IGN Score: 8.5/10
Metacritic Score: 77%
Gamespot Score: 8/10

Outlast (Xbox One)

Many people have already played this survival horror game as Youtube is inundated with playthroughs of this genuinely scary game. It is not a game that appeals to me personally but has appealed to many viewers. The general feedback is that this is one of the better horror games out there and not one to play in the dark. That is usually the telling of a game worth trying to at least find out if you can brave one of the scariest horror games around at the moment. Download if you know you won’t be sleeping this Christmas anyway!

IGN Score: 7.8/10
Metacritic Score: 78%
Gamespot Score: 7/10

Burnout: Paradise (Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Burnout games have always been very reputable for delivering a great racing experience and Burnout Paradise is one of the better burnout games from this series. It may not stand up to current gen racing games but there are plenty of cars and races to keep you going for a long time in this game. Not only that but it has been executed with arcade racing in mind which suits me perfectly. There should be no reason why you don’t get this game whilst it is free via backwards compatibility, Christmas has come early!

IGN Score: 8.8/10
Metacritic Score: 87%
Gamespot: 9/10

Outland (Xbox 360, Xbox One)

With no experience of this game I could not recommend Outland from experience, however this 2D platformer has been reviewed very well and is the last piece of  an impressive selection of free games for Xbox owners in December. With a combination on explorations and upgrading there is plenty of RPG elements combined into this game which makes it well worth trying!

IGN Score: 9/10
Metacritic Score: 83%
Gamespot Score: 9/10

Stories: The Path of Destinies (PS4)

Stories: The Path Of Destinies is the video game embodiment of a ‘Choose your adventure’ book from the 90’s. To some, this may serve as a nice indie game to play and granted, there are some nice touches in the game. However, despite the positives in the game, my finite time for playing games does not stretch far enough to include this game in my ‘try for free’ list. Despite some reasonable review scores this game is a disappointing start to the Playstation Plus free games selection.

IGN Score: N/A
Metacritic Score: 73%
Gamespot Score: N/A

Invisible Inc. (PS4)

Invisible Inc. is a turn based stealth game with great replay value. If you are a fan of strategy games then this will keep you hooked for multiple playthroughs. The game play may not appeal to the masses but there is definitely some addicitve game play in here somewhere. Explore the maps undetected to reach your goal in the quickest time possible in worlds that are randomly generated each time you play. This may seem like a simple game but there is a rewarding sense of achievement each time you succeed! Worth playing for free!

IGN Score: 8.5/10
Metacritic Score: 82%
Gamespot Score: 8.10

Hyper Void (PS3)

Hyper Void is a throw back to old school arcade shooters. There is plenty of substance in the game as the HD graphics and challenging levels bring this game into the modern era. Unfortunately, this is not a stand out game for the Playstation collection and will most likely not be a game that players rush out to download. If you remember to stop by the PS Store this month then grab it for free while you can. Otherwise, keep an eye out for the sales and deals this month.

IGN Score: N/A
Metacritic Score: 70%
Gamespot Score: N/A

Tiny Troopers Joint Ops (PS3)

Let’s not sugar coat this, Tiny Troopers Joint Ops concludes an incredibly disappointing free game selection for Playstation. This game is a top down, action game which fails to really draw in the player. This is effectively a mobile game on a console which translates as laziness in my opinion. The best feature of this game is cross saving which says a lot for whether you should download this game. If you have nothing else to play (which isn’t the case considering there are 3 other free games available!) then maybe you could argue this game is worth downloading. Try at your own risk!

IGN Score: N/A
Metacritic Score: 65%
Gamespot Score: N/A



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