Must Buy Games in December 2016

As the year draws to a close and any money you did have in your bank most likely drained by Black Friday, it is probably welcomed news that the must have game releases in December are few and far between. Take a look at my top 3 picks for this upcoming month and happy gaming in the run up to Christmas!


Platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox One
Release Date: 2nd December

Steep feels like a throwback to the extreme sports games from previous years, intertwined with the modern themes we see in almost every game released in this era. Check out my Steep first impressions post for a detailed run down of what to expect but in a nutshell, imagine the mountain range is your open world and your means of travel is completely your choice. Snowboard, ski or fly down the mountain in a wing suit or parachute. Your friends will also be able to join you on the mountain and join in all the same activities as you. This fresh MMO implementation of how to play an extreme sports game was the shining light from the open BETA and all signs point to this game being a hidden gem. If you’re looking for a white Christmas then look no further!

Dead Rising 4

Platforms: Xbox One, PC
Release Date: 6th December

The Dead Rising series has always been a cult classic for fans of zombies. The numerous ways to hack and slash at hordes of zombies is what makes Dead Rising so unique and Dead Rising 4 looks to continue that trend. The latest in the series will add an EXO suit to protagonist, Frank West, armory which will increase the fire power at the players disposal. If you haven’t played a Dead Rising game before then this could not be a better time. Watch the trailer and tell me one good reason why you wouldn’t want to shoot zombies out of an ice cream truck!

The Last Guardian

Platforms: PS4
Release Date: 9th December

The Last Guardian is designed by the same designer as Shadow of the Colossus, a game that was far ahead of its time. Much like a fine wine, it improved with age. The Last Guardian is expected to follow the same blueprint but, considering the developers started working on this game in 2007, many expect this to release after the full ageing process. The hope is that this game will be a fresh embodiment of the Shadow of the Colossus style but for the modern gaming console. The trailer is proof this is the case as it showcases beautiful scenery mixed with an err of mystery. There is a slight risk the game with be contrived and overproduced as with all games that spend too long in development but things are looking better than good so far!


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