Top 3 Video Games That Need A Sequel

With the announcement of Read Dead Redemption 2 this Autumn I have been looking around at some other video games that players would love to see a sequel for. Check out my list below and add your suggestions in the comments:

LA Noire

Surprise, surprise! Another Rockstar game has made the list. In all seriousness, LA Noire was very well received when it first launched in 2011 as it was considered to be ‘ground-breaking’ for the realism in facial expressions. This opened up a completely new way to play the game as it was utilised in-game when players were trying to find out if characters were telling the truth or lying. Although this became quite tiresome after some time, the essence of a great game was there with a compelling story line integrated into the standard Rockstar formula. The ending was the biggest disappointment for LA Noire and it seems only fitting that Rockstar atone for their only mistake from the first game by making the most badass sequel they have ever made! Bar GTA. Or Red Dead Redemption. Ok it will be the third best sequel ever made.

Ori and the Blind Forest

Ori and the Blind Forest is a prime example of an indie game that was done well. The game play was not ground breaking but the story was beautifully told and really took the player on an unforgettable journey. Although there was no hint either way as to whether a sequel could happen based on the story line, the devs have shown no intention to carry on the story in-game form. Instead, they have expressed their desire to carry on the story as part of a film. If this ends up being the case then I will be bitterly disappointed as there is so much potential to make a genuinely great game sequel. If you have played the first one and want to see a second game then keep your fingers crossed.

The Last Of Us

Without doubt, The Last Of Us 2 is the most desirable sequel. One thing all these games have in common is a compelling story line that really grabs the player and delivers on a different level than simply playing a game. The Last Of Us is a prime example of this. For every player that has played through the game you will remember how much of an emotional rollercoaster this game truly was. It felt more like a movie at times with the catastrophic events in Austin often pulling at the heart-strings. This is a game that does feel like it still has unfinished business and I think that if/when the sequel is announced it will be one of the most hyped game releases we have seen in quite some time.

Do you agree?

Agree with the list above? If not, add your suggestions in the comments and share the games which you are dying to see a sequel for!


2 thoughts on “Top 3 Video Games That Need A Sequel

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  1. Sadly, I never had the opportunity to play Ori and the Blind Forest. I’ve heard many positive things about it, though, and from the sounds of it, the soundtrack was really good.


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