5 Games On Steam That Deserve Console Versions

Updated 25/10/2017: Sine writing this article most of the games on this list have been confirmed to be coming to a console or released on console. See details below of which ones are making their way to console!

There are many advantages to being a PC gamer; the game selection on Steam store. Not only are they cheaper and have better graphics but one of the biggest advantages is the amount of great indie games that are available on Steam. Unfortunately it is unknown where there are any plans to be port over some of these games from Steam to consoles. See my most wanted games from Steam below:

1. Gang Beasts

CONFIRMED! Gang Beasts looks like a highly amusing online multiplayer brawler with similar gameplay to Nintendo’s, Super Smash Bros. This game is in Sony’s pipeline of new games but has been delayed since the tail end of last year with little information about a release date. When it does release though, then this could be Sony’s answer to the popular Nintendo brawler as there is nothing else that shares such similar qualities on current gen consoles. Having watched many videos on Youtube including the video above from Jacksepticeye, I’m certain Gang Beasts will do well on PS4! It would be great to see more content added to really fill out this game, like additional game modes, but it already looks fun as it is! I hope this game makes it’s way to Xbox One too at some point but PlayStation owners will be happy nonetheless!

2. Slayaway Camp

CONFIRMED! Sometimes the simple games are the best games. Slayaway Camp is a gory puzzle game that looks like great fun! In its simplest form, the game requires you to navigate through tricky puzzles to reach your unsuspecting victim or victims so you can brutally murder them. The animations make successful murders even more satisfying as you control how much blood and gore is part of each kill. The game looks to get progressively more challenging but as you advance through the levels you can add more murder animations to your repertoire. My personal favourite is the homage to Nicolas Cage’s ‘The Bees, Not The Bees!’ scene from The Wicker Man. The game is now availbale on Xbox One and PS4 so make sure to pick it up this Halloween!

3. Dead By Daylight

CONFIRMED! Dead By Daylight is a 4v1 multiplayer game whereby one player is the overpowered murderer and the other players are survivors trying to evade the clutches of the crazed killer. The concept is simple and really stays true to the horror film formula that most horror movies stick to. You may think this sounds a lot like Evolve which was probably one of the most overhyped 4v1 games of all time but Dead By Daylight has received some great reviews and has remained a popular game on Steam since its launch. Dead By Daylight is available on PS4 and Xbox One now so make sure to grab a copy if you’re into high intensity games!

4. Hello Neighbor

CONFIRMED! I stumbled across Hello Neighbor by mistake but after watching the video from Hellolabgroup, I was intrigued. The alpha was released earlier this year and the signs are looking good for the game. There is a genuine sense of danger in this game as you try to sneak past your neighbour to find out what he is harbouring in his basement. This mystery provides enough encouragement keep returning to build on your previous progress but be warned, if you get caught then your Neighbor will start to learn from your sneaky tactics. This mean you cannot simply sneak in through the same window each time you go back to his house and you are forced to rethink your strategy! With such a fresh concept it is great to hear this will be coming to Xbox One on 8th December 2017! If you are a fan of great indie games then this will be the perfect game for you!

5. What The Box?

UNCONFIRMED! The first person shooter genre has become saturated with generic war stories, whether it be in historic war environments or in futuristic, fictional battles. There is nothing wrong with doing this but it has made the yearly game releases seem very contrived. What The Box completely shakes up the first person shooter genre. The concept is simple. You are a box in an environment of boxes and you must take down the opposing team who are also boxes. Markiplier’s video perfectly demonstrates how chaotic this game can be and this is something that is sorely missed from the latest AAA shooter titles. It would be nice to see some more game modes added to this game but regardless, I want to play this game on my home console and take the box fight online! It may be wishful thinking to see this game on a console but I don’t doubt its appeal to the console gaming community. Maybe it would become a possibility if the devs were to get more support. If you’re like me and want to play on a console, spread the word, think outside the box and make our dream a reality!

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Are there any other PC games that you would like to see on your console? Maybe you have seen game play from your favourite Youtuber and you instantly felt a desire to play the featured game but were disappointed to see that it’s not available on Xbox or Playstation? Share your suggestions in the comments and let’s support the indie developers who are creating these awesome games!


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