Monthly Free Games In November

It’s the month before Christmas which usually means that the monthly free games across Xbox and Playstation drop in quality. This year is no different as the games on display are underwhelming but beggars can’t be choosers. Luckily, there is probably not much time to play all of these free games with so many big releases ahead of Christmas taking up much of our gaming hours, so Mircosoft and Sony do not need to dazzle with this month’s selection. We will forgive them this time but here’s hoping the selection improves in December. See which games are worth your time below.

Super Dungeon Bros (Xbox One)

Super Dungeon Bros is a top down, brawler game where you can control one of 4 brothers as they crawl through dungeons and defeat numerous enemies. There are some elements of humour in the game and you can even play local co-op with a friend to share in some of the funny moments. The graphics looks colourful and enticing but the gameplay does not quite match as it becomes very repetitive, very quickly. Despite over 100 hours of gameplay to complete the game 100% the question remains: would you want to play for over 100 hours? Super Dungeon Bros will act as a time waster and probably not much else. Good thing it has launched as a free game!

IGN Score: N/A
Metacritic Score: N/A
Gamespot Score: N/A

Murdered: Soul Suspect (Xbox One)

Murdered: Soul Suspect is a game with a great concept. Your character is stuck in limbo between the living world and the afterlife as he has unfinished business. His true reason for being unable to move on is shrouded in mystery but unfortunately the game does little to make this a mystery you want to find out. The gameplay is incredibly linear and this makes the game lack any real substance which is disappointing. Despite these criticisms there is still enjoyment to be had in this game as the enemies are truly terrifying and there is still a sense of intrigue to the unfolding story. Now is the best time to try this game.

IGN Score: 5.5/10
Metacritic Score: 59%
Gamespot Score: 6/10

Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture (PS4)

This game probably best fits into the walking simulator category as there is relatively little ‘gameplay’ but there is an amazing story to support this game. The world in which you are placed has been inexplicably abandoned as inhabitants disappear into swirls of light. The mystery as to why this is happening will unravel as you begin to explore the remains and the story telling will keep you immersed until the very end. There is only approx. 5 hours of gameplay here but much like similar games of this genre, the story will be memorable and emotional. If you are a fans of these games then this is a game that you won’t want to miss!

IGN Score: 8.5/10
Metacritic Score: 78%
Gamespot Score: 9/10

The Deadly Tower Of Monsters (PS4)

The Deadly Tower Of Monsters that delivers an enjoyable experience but surprisingly not for the gameplay itself. Much of the enjoyment of this game comes from the throwback to old 50’s sci-fi movies as the commentary pokes fun at some of these movie reference. Unfortunately the melee combat is not quite as enjoyable as this becomes painfully tedious as you play through the game. This game will most likely end up like Marmite; you’ll either love it or hate it. I can’t say too much positive about this game but who can turn down a free game?

IGN Score: N/A
Metacritic Score: 72%
Gamespot Score: 6/10

The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition (Xbox 360, Xbox One)

This game was first released in 1990 but was remastered in HD for the Xbox 360 in 2010. The original game was very popular and encapsulated what made a good point and click game. There was humour by the truckload and the story was compelling enough to make you play through to the end. While this may not blow your socks off in terms of a AAA title it is still a decent adventure game to pass the time. Maybe this is the perfect game to play together with your partner or closest friend, as long as you both like stories about pirates!

IGN Score: 8.7/10
Metacritic Score: 82%
Gamespot Score: 8/10

Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon (Xbox 360, Xbox One)

I could sum up Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon by simply stating ‘GET TO THE CHOPPER!’. This over the top action game is the right balance of amusing and chaotic. Forget the stealth aspects of Far Cry that we have all come to love, this is all guns blazing as you explore the open world and encounter different enemies and deadly animals.  You can still level up your character but this acts as a means of finding more hilarious ways to take down your enemies as opposed to providing new skills that help to make the game easier. Everything is overpowered but that’s not a complaint, it makes for a different take on playing FPS games. This is definitely a game worth playing especially if you need to blow off steam at the end of a hard week!

IGN Score: 8/10
Metacritic Score: 82%
Gamespot Score: 8.5/10

Dirt 3 (PS3)

Dirt 3 is a solid racing game that boasts some great racing experiences. My favourite racing games are the arcade racers that remind me of the old school arcade machines such as Daytona and Outrun and Dirt 3 does well to bring out some of those themes, however cut scenes and supporting characters do well to take some of the fun out of the experience. Don’t go in expecting the Forza Horizon style buzz but instead go in knowing there are plenty of races to keep you going for a good long while. Dirt 3 by no means breaks records with its racing gameplay but keeps up with some of the big boys for entertaining racing. Definitely download!

IGN Score: 8.5/10
Metacritic Score: 87%
Gamespot Score: 9/10

Costume Quest 2 (PS3)

Costume Quest 2 is a fun RPG game that has a few irritable downfalls but ultimately delivers a fun experience. You aim is to save Halloween from a Halloween-hating dentist determined to removed costumes and candy from the world. You will be exposed to time travel to complete your goal but this just adds to the depth in the game. There may be pitfalls including a confusing map system but if you can overlook these then you have a cracking story line to uncover. It may have missed Halloween this year by one day but that doesn’t matter when you can just travel back in time!

IGN Score: 7.8/10
Metacritic Score: 65%
Gamespot Score: 7/10


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