Rockstar Confirm New Red Dead Redemption

Rockstar have confirmed the prospect of a new Red Dead Redemption games after they posted a teaser image of the game via their Twitter channel.They have even gone as far as to change their logo on Twitter and Facebook to the new Red Dead Redemption image, replacing their iconicRockstar logo. Rockstar have gone one step further and anmounted this new Red Dead Redempton game will be called Red Dead Redemption 2 and will launch in 2017! Excitement would be an understatement right now.

When Will We Know More?


Rockstar have officially announced that Red Dead Redemption 2 will launch next year and will contain a multiplayer game mode which presumably will be very similar to GTA Online. It is hard to say that for sure but the good news is that we are receiving the game’s first trailer at 4pm UK time on 20th October. So expect to get some answers very soon!

The new Red Dead Redemption game will most likely launch on PS4, Xbox One and PC but a release date is anyone’s guess. Even though the game has been announced to be released next year then bear in mind it could take longer considering the GTA V suffered some pretty gruesome delays. It won’t matter either way to fans of the series though, we are just thankful to see another game from Rockstar in the near future!


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