Must Buy Games In October 2016

Last month was the official announcement of silly season for video games as we saw the first of the annual AAA titles to release and I’m already starting to want every game under the sun for reasons unbeknownst to me. Despite the unavoidably hedonistic approach to buying games from September through to December there are some game releases that are particularly noteworthy this month. These games are currently sitting very high on my want list so if you’re a fan of these series then make sure you have a pot of money you can dip into to buy these games.

Gears of War 4

Release Date: 11th October
Platforms: Xbox One, Windows 10 PC

The Gears Of War games, for me, are in a league of their own. With tremendous story-telling coupled with plenty of duck and cover action which was ground breaking when it was initially released. The game has only gone from strength to strength as players were forced to become more engrossed with the characters as they played through each level getting ever closer to the climax of the game. The ending did not disappoint, except for the fact that there was no more story line to play through. Gears of War 4 is now picking up where the original 3 games left off.

You take control of Marcus Fenix’s son as you take on new enemies after 25 years of Peaceful existence. With only small numbers of humans still left on Sera they now live in walled-off cities to ensure survival from the dangers in the outside world. The setting seems to be the next logical progression to original story but it is yet to be seen if this will be the Gears Of War everyone is hoping for. The trailer, however, helps to reassure these worries.

Battlefield 1

Release Date: 21st October
Platforms: Xbox One, PS4, PC

Very early on in the year, I made a claim that this year’s Battlefield 1 would win the annual war between Call Of Duty and its wartime counterpart. I still stand by this opinion after having hands on experience with the Battlefield 1 beta which only served to validate my initial suspicions. Fans of the Battlefield series are going to be treated to a game that stays close to its roots as the game play feels very much how a Battlefield game should but with the inclusion of larger multiplayer lobbies, the potential to cause havoc and have fun has increased twofold! This huge battle ground environment results in so much variation in the potential ways to attack the enemy that you will rarely get bored of going into battle. With new weapons and vehicles included to spice things up even more, it takes Battlefield to the top of my most wanted list in October.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

Release Date: 25th October
Platforms: Xbox One, PS4, PC

Dragon Ball is one of the best-selling anime video game series of all time. Dragon Ball Xenoverse is evidence of this with over 2 million copies sold worldwide, so it is no wonder that fans of the Dragon Ball series are excited for another Xenoverse game this month. Where many people used to criticise former Dragon Ball games for their lack of content and repetition of content too, the same cannot be said of Xenoverse too. Largely helped by the most recent Dragon Ball Series; Dragon Ball Super, there will be much needed injection of brand new characters in this latest Dragon Ball instalment.

With some quite charismatic character already appearing in Dragon Ball Super, it will be very interesting to not only play as these character in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 but it will also be very interesting to find out what, if any story line has been added based on events in Dragon Ball Super. This game will have plenty to offer in terms of content which makes it the most exciting Dragon Ball game for many years!

Titanfall 2

Release Date: 28th October
Platforms: Xbox One, PS4, PC

Many fans of this mech, FPS shooter will have tried out the open Beta that was released last month. EA now have all the feedback they need to make this game as good as it possibly can be and considering I thoroughly enjoyed the Beta then this is a combination every gamer likes to hear. The original game introduced themes and features which hadn’t been seen in a FPS shooter for quite some time but provided refreshing game play that did not wear off easily. It looks like that will be built upon with the addition of a single player campaign which promises to give players more purposes and understanding of the game on their screen. I don’t doubt that EA and Respawn will get this release right and I will definitely be back for more.


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